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Great Advice For Your Security Home

Published at 01/26/2012 23:25:04


Crime rates in America rise and fall but it never fails to put a little jump in your heart at the thought of security home life may be disrupted by a burglar, robber or home invader. Security home pros are available to consult with and there are many other options for a successful security home.

Step 1

Complete the simple steps. Remembering to do the small things like lock your doors and windows each evening and when you leave goes a long way in obtaining a security home. Close your drapes at night and don’t put valuable items in clear sight. All doors that lead outdoors should have at least three locks. Deadbolts are best. If a thief gets it it’s a little harder to get back out. Make sure your window locks are operational. Use specialized top and bottom locks for patio doors and sliding glass doors. Find a better place for your spare key than under the mat. Thieves are smart in their field of work and always find your spare key. Don’t even put them in sheds or garages.

Nights and weekends are the prime time for security home breaches. Take extra precautions during this time. In addition to closing the drapes, employ a timer to automatically turn on lights and television at a specific time, even if no one is home.

Step 2

Outside lighting is a valuable deterrent to security home breaches. Use lights on all four corners of your home as well as at any doors. Use security lighting that comes on only when motion is detected. Consider lighting your drive way and a midway point in your yard. You can set the lights to come on automatically or at the flip of a switch.
The shrubbery around your home may also cause a breach of security home. They can make it easy for a thief to break in unseen or reach a higher story. Using shrubs that have thorns and are prickly help keep criminals from targeting your house. Do not leave garden tools or ladders near the home. Put them in a shed or garage with a lock. Doing so is a deterrent to thieves as well.
Guard dogs can also help protect a security home. Guard dogs are those trained to be protective of his home and bark and bite any intruders upon command. Guard dogs are often used around the elderly because they can also be trained to signal for help in case of emergency and help with loneliness.

Step 3

A security system can be a great aid to a security home. Security home systems are electronic or battery operated devices that alert on an intruder and a variety of other things. Some use satellite, others motion detection, alert pads and a whole slew of other methods. Many will also alert the police if a break-in occurs. Some have the added ability to call your home and check with you directly. All will make loud alert noises and direct bright lighting to the area.


Use common sense and lock doors and windows before spending hundreds on a security system.

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