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Tips And Ideas For Home Beach

Published at 01/26/2012 08:41:37


Who doesn’t love the beach? Fresh air, clean water, tropical plants…ah, a veritable oasis. The relaxation that a beach brings is often just what the doctor ordered in today’s hectic world. Sadly, most of us cannot afford a trip to the beach whenever we need it. A home beach is the perfect solution. Follow these great tips and ideas for the perfect home beach.

Step 1

Keep a strict regiment for cleanliness around any home beach area. Sand especially can be hard to keep clean. Use sifters and small shovels to get fine grain dirt from the sand but make a nightly regimen out of walking the area and picking up trash. Where there is sand you will often find cigarette butts and ashes. The simplest solution is not to permit smoking in the area. If you chose to allow smoking, make sure to have easily available smoking sections with ample ashtrays. A clean home beach is a safe and comfortable home beach.

Step 2

A home beach has some type of water source. Most often home owners choose swimming pools or manmade ponds. Both options require specific care and maintenance to continually serve your needs. Swimming pools have intricate chemical balances that must be maintained. Often a pool professional will be called in at some point to treat and clean the water. The same is true of manmade ponds. They use underground filtration systems in some cases and also use chemicals for moss and bacteria control. Animals and insects can become a problem near any water source. Take precautions by using a cover when not in use and fencing the area in.

Step 3

Choose furniture and outdoor décor that is waterproof and durable. Wicker furniture or rattan lounge chairs give a great resort feel to your home beach. Add a cabana and you will feel like you’re in the Riviera. Pick fabrics that are easy to clean. Something that you can wipe spills off of with a damp sponge is ideal. Use slip covers over any furniture that may damage in weather. Slip covers are durable and can be changed depending upon your mood and style.

Step 4

Don’t scrimp on the extras. A home beach is a thing of luxury. It is a place for home owners and guests to relax and enjoy a moment of peace in a home beach oasis. Having the little extras that a home beach requires makes the experience that much more enjoyable. Consider placing a foot sprayer near the entrance for users to spray the sand off their feet before leaving and rinse of any dirt or grass before entering. This will help keep the home beach area clean as well as provide a neat little extra. Consider a bar area near the home beach. Keeping cold drinks, refreshments and cocktails in the home beach keeps you from having to bring so much out and clean up so much after use. Music is another great extra to consider. Everyone enjoys music at the beach and your home beach is no exception.

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