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How To Search For Home Rentals From Home

Published at 02/08/2012 02:52:00


Looking for a new home is a long and tiresome process. It can take months or even years and be costly as well. Learning how to look for new home rentals from home can shave time, money and aggravation from your daily life. There are a few avenues you can take to search for rentals from home. The Internet, newspapers, word of mouth and real estate listing magazines are all great ways to start.

Step 1

Use the Internet. The Internet is a wonderful tool for a rental search from home. Begin by searching with key words like the name of your city and state and the words “homes for rent”. You might also want to include the number of bedrooms or other important factors like “San Diego California 4 bedroom homes for rent”. If the results are to scare, simplify your search terms. Take out the extra factors and search only for “homes for rent” and the city and state.
Use the Internet to find online communities of locals. These are great places to find out the scoop on what’s coming up for rent. You can also find out things like who are good landlords, which houses are in good shape and those with problems.

Step 2

Check your local grocery and convenience stores for free copies of the real estate listings in the city. These most often list homes for sale but can also have a section for rentals that you can search from home. You can also get these listings magazines direct from the agents office. Most of them have them in baskets in the reception room free to the public. You may also want to meet or speak to an agent on the phone. Many of them have a listing of rentals that they can refer you to from home.

Step 3

Read the local paper. The classified section of the local newspaper will hold a section for listing homes for rent and sale in the area. Some papers even classify them by neighborhood or amenities like bedrooms and bathrooms. Take note of how often the paper comes out. If it’s a daily paper you can see new listings every day. If it is a weekly paper, you know you have a week to go through the listings. You can also place your own ad in a newspaper. Place an ad stating that you are looking for a place to rent. Make mention of how many bedrooms you need. Also mention any attributes you have like references and good credit.
Searching for a rental from home is super easy and it saves a lot of aggravation. However, there is only so much you can do from home. Eventually you have to venture out into the community and physically see and tour the homes you have chosen. You are not able to truly judge a home and its ability to suit your needs without seeing it first. You will have to visit more than one potential rental before you make a final decision.


Search in neighboring areas as well as your primary choice.

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