How To Have a Home Funeral Service
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How To Have a Home Funeral Service

Published at 01/26/2012 20:53:07


How To Have a Home Funeral Service

Funeral of your dear ones is the difficult time to go through. Funeral practices and rites differ from culture to culture. But all of them share some common practices. Placing the deceased to dead body storage area known as the mortuary. Followed by the ceremony honouring the deceased and then finally the disposition.


If you are to arrange home funeral services then you have to take many decisions. Taking decisions at this emotionally tough time is not easy but it’s necessary too. So first make sure you are ready to make such decisions and if you want to involve in the funeral services. If yes, then following steps will help to make your work easier.

Step 1

You can either perform all the home funeral activities with the help of your family members else you can also make use of the home funeral services that will help you to make your work easier.

Step 2

Performing all activities with help of your relatives may seems to be tedious but will cost you lesser than hiring the home funeral service provider.

Step 3

Search and select for the home funeral to help you to arrange for the proceedings.


How To Have a Home Funeral Service

• Home funeral performs all the rituals on the wishes of the family.
• There are many home funeral service providers. You can either find them online or ask your relatives who might know one of the service providers.
• Arrange meeting with the funeral director and have a discussion with the director to make everything clear on the charges asked by him.
• Discuss the arrangement charges for providing this service with the funeral director.
• Basic arrangement charges are charged for providing all the services of final disposition, availability of the director and the supporting staff to help in the process. It also includes the cost of the conference hall. Home funeral director files for the death certificate and the cost involved in this process is also added to the arrangement charges.
• Burial charges are charged for the grave site for the final dispositions of the deceased.
• Home funeral service provider carries out the ceremonies based on the family culture.
• Funeral service provider arranges for all the items required from performing the entire ceremonies to cremation service. The payment of the cost of items is to be made by the person who hired the home funeral service provider. They can’t make profit out from these items.
• Few service providers might ask you to pay them in advance.
• Cemetery deed is the document that provides you the right to bury the body. Your funeral director must give it to you within a week.
• In order to transport the body to the cremation place your state laws may require you to get a death certificate. Home funeral service provider helps you to perform all the legal formalities.
• All the items required for the entire process like casket, dry ice, vehicle for transportation of the body and the cremation place is provided by the Home funeral service.
• It organizes all the proceedings in behalf of the family.

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