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How To Find the Right Home Computer For Your Family

Published at 01/27/2012 13:54:29


Computer has became a need for every one now a days. From adults to do their business work to kids and teenager to complete their school assignments, a computer is required by every home and individual. Everyone needs a home computer for their family. There are a lots of types of computer available in the market now a day. There are desktop computer with a separate display and central processing unit, there are notebook which are very helpful in the work and portability and there are net books which are commonly used by the people to surf internet and checking their emails. Each type have its own benefits and drawbacks. The question is to how to find a best home computer suited for the whole family.

Step 1

The desktop computer consists of a central processing unit (CPU), a monitor or LCD screen, a separate keyboard and mouse. Mostly people buy desktop computer for their home and family. They are reliable and comparatively faster than the notebooks. It is good for doing work and home and also gives a great performance while playing games.

Step 2

The biggest benefit of the desktop computer is that every part inside the computer is available separately. In case a single part of the computer is damaged or out of order, it can be repaired or replaced instead of buying a whole new computer. But for those who have to go to office and do their work there also, a desktop computer is not a best choice as home computer because it lacks the portability.

Step 3

The laptop or notebook are the modern invention of the digital world. It gives great performance for working and also in playing games or surfing the internet. Different brands are offering different kinds of laptops with different specs. Laptops are a bit expensive then the desktop computer but they have their own benefits. One who buys a laptop can enjoy the portability and performance. Because of its small size, it can be moved or carried out in a carrying case easily without any trouble. The models of the laptops also have wireless internet connectivity option. It is a good choice for those who need a home computer and want to take it to their work or offices too.


Laptops only have two drawback. It have mobile chipset processes which makes its performance a little bit slow than the desktop computer. There are laptop available in the market which gives a great performance both in working and playing games but they are very expensive for a home computer purpose. Another drawback of the laptop is that they are branded and their parts are not easily available in the market. If one part of a laptop is out of order than one must have to repair the whole laptop or give the whole thing to claim the warranty.

Both laptops and desktop computers are good choices for a home computer. Both have their own benefits and their own draw backs. It depends on the person's need that which one is better suited as a home computer for their life style.