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How To Compare Fl Homes Sale

Published at 01/26/2012 16:33:20

How to compare Fl homes sale

Before buying a home in the Florida area, it is important to do your research in order to get the best deal that is within your price range. If the home is over priced then you will have made a bad investment and if it’s underpriced it’s more likely to have a lot of flaws that will cost you to repair. But as a consumer do not let this discourage you as these can all be prevented by knowing how to compare Fl homes sale.

Step 1

Start by seeing many similar homes as much as you can that have been sold in same neighborhood over the last six months. The emphasis is put on the houses being on the same neighborhood when comparing fl homes sale is because if they have major dividing lines or physical barriers it can drastically change the value of the home.

These prices of fl homes sale can be found in the local newspapers or from the list of recent sales from the local real estate agencies. Compare the original sale prices with the actual selling price to see if there was a reduction after the counteroffer and negotiations. This will help you know the market prices and where to get the best deals that give room for negotiations. Make sure to look at the old fl homes sale to find out the average days the homes were on the market. This is a good way of judging if the homes have value in the market.

Step 2

Next compare houses with the same square footage, give or take 10%. You might need an appraiser for this if you are not familiar with this to help you note the amenities, upgrades, lot sizes and configuration of the different houses that you are comparing. While you are still comparing fl homes sale take into account things such as the required down payment, warranties and warranties as it affects the overall cost of the home.

You must also consider the resale value because you never know if you might need to move again because of one reason or another and you are forced to put up the house in the fl homes sale again. Find out if they were built at almost the same time as even though they are on the same neighborhood, the age and values may differ.

Step 3

Finally when you are through with your research and have settled on a couple of houses that tickle your fancy decide on a reasonable price you are willing to offer. You can then make an offer slightly less than that to a seller and leave room for negotiations.


Buying a home in the fl homes sale is a very personal affair and no one not even the agent should bully you into rushing to buy one when you are not sure. Do your research and get all the relevant information that will help you compare fl homes sale to get the best deal that is suited for you.