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Cheap Way To Transform Your Home Into a Theater Home

Published at 02/01/2012 18:32:54

Cheap ways to transform your home into a theatre home

For movie fanatics and music lovers, home theatres are a way to enjoy this hobby due to the conducive environment that it offers. Unfortunately home theaters are considered a luxury items that most people cannot afford especially in these hard economic terms. However there are cheap ways to transform your home into a theatre home. Families and friends can now enjoy gathering in a theater home without having to break the bank using the following simple steps.


Find a large wall in the room that you want to convert into a theatre and mount your TV against it. To get that theater like feel, if you can afford it, use a large flat screen TV that has wall mounts.

If your budget allows, you can create a theater home by painting the walls with paint that is of a darker shade to make the room a little darker. The other alternative is to invest in lighting that can be adjusted from dim to bright or vice versa with just a single knob.

For the windows in your theater home Invest in drapes to block out light and give the room that theater like feel. The good thing about the drapes is that if the room is used for other purposes, you will just need to pull back the drapery to allow light to filter in the room for lighting. For the best results go for.

For great surround sound effect in your new theater home mount the speakers high up on the wall tilting them slightly downwards. These speakers are not immediately visible to the viewers and sound will come from all angles which allow one to enjoy this theater experience just like they would in the commercial theater houses.


The floors can also be carpeted with some floor rag especially if your floor is made of concrete since concrete is usually hard on the feet as it holds cold temperature. The rags will help insulate the floors and help the viewers feel comfortable.

Next you can place the seats facing the TV in a way that everyone can comfortably see the TV screens without anyone straining or blocking someone else’s view. One can transform a room into a theater home by using theater seating which can be bought from local theaters who sell them cheaply. They are affordable priced and are reasonably comfortably thereby giving the viewers a theater-like feel.

You can also have a small mini kitchen on one end of the room where you can keep kitchen appliances such as a mini-fridge or microwave. This will be ideal for getting soft drinks, popcorn and your favorite snacks conveniently instead of having to walk all the way to the kitchen especially if your house is relatively big.


Now your theater home is ready for gathering your friends and family to enjoy your favorite shows. Not only will you have fun but you will also save a lot of money that you will have otherwise spent going to theaters far from your home.