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How Many People Move Away From Their Home City?


Life seems very easy when we are kids. We have no responsibilities, no worries and our biggest concern is going to school and getting good grades to avoid all the spanking and yelling from our parents. We enjoy all the times we spend with our friends, all the extracurricular activities we do after school and all the time we waste playing video games. But then, eventually when we grow up, graduate from high school and have to choose what to do with our lives. Start college? Get a job near home or move out of your parents home and start a new life out of town , far away from the home city you grew in , where everyone knows who and what you are? In Britain averages of 70 – 75% of men move away from home and out of their parents nest. This number is higher in females among whom, 80-85% move away. Almost half of these move out of their home city.


Why would people want to leave a place they have known their whole lives and start all over again, with strangers, new rules , foreign environment , practically a whole new world? The first and most common reason is Love. This can be both positive and negative. Most cases in women, they leave their home city and travel to other states or overseas after marriage. Women that support their husband’s decision to migrate abroad for a job or career opportunities, move away from family to start their own lives. Even men choose to leave their home land for the sake of their wives who might not be comfortable leaving their own home. For the sake of that affection one of the partners choose to leave their home town so that they can be together. It is not always a happy decision. Sometimes, after a bad break up people are not comfortable living in the same city as their ex’s. To avoid bumping into them they choose to just move on.


The second most common reason is the freedom to find your inner self. When you have been in a small town or neighborhood your whole life, your friends and family are close to you and everyone knows everything about you. This can build pressure and influences that force you to live your life in a way you do not want to. Your parents might say “this is how I did it, why can’t you? Your neighbors might expect things from you that they expected from your parents even after they pass away. So moving away from your home city allows you to get a fresh start and make your owns rules and choices in life.

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The third reason is that one wishes to chase their passion. A lot of teenage girls dream of growing up and moving to Europe for a different life. A lot of men wish to move out of the small town area and into the big city to be part of a bigger and stronger corporate world. Your passion can be your career, the kind of life you want to live, or maybe you want to follow in the footsteps of your role model and do what they did. The chance to study abroad in the hopes of getting better education and then ending up living there since you have grown to love that environment more. These are some of the most common reasons why people move away from home and with the advancement in technology and communication; people find it less troubling to move out of their home city and away from their families and friends.

By Amara, published at 01/31/2012
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