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Many stay at home moms and dads look for ways to make money doing from home work. Those in need of extra cash can also benefit from a type of from home work. Luckily, with the popularity of the Internet, making from home work is now easier than ever. Becoming a freelance writer is one such way to earn a living while remaining at home. This is the type of from home work that can be done at any time of the day or night. You can work it to fit your schedule.

Step 1

Join a few groups that cater to from home work. These groups will have good advice for those starting out in the from home work field. These groups can also point you towards the sites that hire work from home writers. You will meet and network with others who are looking for from home work opportunities and also others who have been doing this type of work.

Step 2

Write a few sample articles. You will need these for some of the from home work jobs that you apply for. Many will want to see a sample of your writing. Be sure to proof read your articles and run them through a spell check program. Spelling and grammar are important. You may want to brush up on grammar tips either online or through books available from the library that are geared toward writers.

Step 3

Apply to any from home work jobs that you can find. You will find these jobs through various work from home forums, websites and even on your local Craigslist. To start out, apply for as many as you can. Any from home work jobs that you can get right now will give you experience. You can then use this experience on your resume. Once you have gotten paid for some of your writing, you will want to polish up your resume to include this information.


Working from home can be wonderful. However, it is important to remember that if something sounds too good to be true, it often is. Do some research on a company before you put too much effort or hope into working with them. This is another reason joining from home work groups is so important. You always have someone to give advice on any company you are thinking of contracting with. Chances are someone in the group will know something about almost any opportunity that arises.

You should never have to pay to work. If you are asked for money before you can start, run away fast. That is a very bad sign.This is especially true for writing jobs. Occasionally for from home work that involves being entrusted with credit cards, a company will require money for a background check. However, that should not be an issue with freelance writing.

Open a Paypal account. Many of the from home work companies will want to pay you through Paypal. It is free to open an account. Your money will be deposited into your account and can then be withdrawn to your bank account.

By Jailynns Grandma, published at 02/01/2012
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From Home Work - Become a Freelance Writer. 4 of 5 based on 10 votes.


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