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10 Amazing Tips For Health Home

Published at 02/08/2012 18:25:21

What is a health home?

What is a Health Home?

The concept of Health home has emerged within a period of time. Health homes are generally thought as homes for health care needs but actually they are homes where integrated health care is provided. Here are some important aspects of an ideal health home.

  • A group of highly professional health care personnel get together and provide high quality health services. This team keeps a common record for a particular person about their general health care, dentist information, gastrointestinal information and so on and shares this information in order to provide better health care.
  • This health homes co-ordinate with each other to provide the best treatment to the needy people. Hence these health homes provide an all round care for the person who registers with them. Moreover they also take into account the persons behavior and social attitude which has become an integral part in the treatment of people.
  • This combination of the physical information as well psychological information provides an all-round care to the people involved.

Step 1

  • There are three types of health home arrangements which are allowed under the Affordable Care Act. The three types are divided on basis of the following:
  1. The providers should be either a clinic or physician or even a health organization taking care of behavioral health.

  2. A team of health providers who are linked to a provider.

  3. A group of health providers like doctors, nurses and behavior professionals forming a team.

Step 2

  • These health homes are an essential need for the society especially for those people who suffer from mental issues and those who are drug abusers. This is because studies have revealed that most of the people who suffer from any mental disorders also suffer from other medical diseases which are very severe.
  • Hence the health homes are very helpful in maintaining the overall health of people and also understanding the psychological needs of patients suffering from mental disorders.
  • Some of the organizations which are actively involved in propagation of the health homes are SAMHSA, Medicaid centers and many others.

Step 3

  • These organizations are encouraging the health homes to provide their services in all the states and also providing adequate information to people about the benefits of the health homes
  • A good health home has all facilities under one roof only and all the personnel should be well qualified and highly competitive in their own fields.
  • A health home is made to help the mentally challenged people and hence it becomes essential to have proper qualified psychologists and other such specialists who can take proper care of these people.

On the whole the concept of health homes is growing and is beneficial for all the people and in general to the whole society.


  • Health homes are quite prevalent nowadays but many are swindlers too
  • Be careful while selecting the health home and check the credibility of the people working here.

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