5 Tips For Keeping Home Plants Healthy
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5 Tips For Keeping Home Plants Healthy

Published at 02/08/2012 15:14:16

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5 Tips For Keeping Home Plants Healthy

Plants at home have always been a welcoming site. Everyone wants their homes to be beautiful, and the best and quite inexpensive way to decorate your home is by growing plants. If the space is less than what you have enough space for, then potted plants can be kept. Potted plants are easier to maintain and are cheaper.

However, if you have a large space to grow your plants then a huge variety of plants and trees are available. The most important factor in growing plants is to take extra special care while growing them. If you want your plants to be healthy and green, some basic points are to be considered in order to maintain their good growth.

Growing healthy home plants is an art which requires efforts and dedication or else the plants may dry up and wither.


Step 1

Here are important factors which would effect the healthy growth of home plants:

1. Adequate Water: Both, too much water or too little water is not good for the health of home plants. It is essential to give adequate water to the plants. The amount of water to be given to the home plants differs from plant to plant. Some plants need more water like the jasmine flower or marigold, whereas the bougainvillea and cactus do not need frequent watering. Water can be given by sprinklers if you have a big garden but if you have pots, a jar is good enough to water the plants.

2. Manure: Plants do grow well with the help of adequate water and sunlight but manure is also essential to grow better plants. Manure is available in many nurseries and plant shops. Manure should also be used in adequate proportions.

Step 2

3. Weeding: This is another important aspect for growing healthy home plants. Weeding is the art of removing unwanted plants without disturbing the wanted plants. Weeding can be done by hand or by the help of a spade. Weeds are unimportant plants and should be removed at regular intervals.

4.Growing Easy Plants: If we do not have adequate time but still want to have a lovely garden it is always advisable to grow plants which are easy to maintain. Plants like money plant and bougainvillea are very easy to maintain and require less care. Moreover these plants can live without water for one or two days and hence are easy to be maintained. Plants like rose and other floral plants require more care and regular watering hence need time too.

Step 3

5.Taking Care: Home plants are like our pets and the better care we take the better they grow. Keeping plants at home not only adds the beauty, but also helps to increase the oxygen content in the environment. The home plants should be handled carefully and nurtured with care and we should always remember that plants are living beings too.


  • Grow plants which are easily taken care of.
  • Water the home plants regularly.
  • Take care of the plants like they are living beings.

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