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Published at 02/04/2012 22:28:41

How to Get the Best Offers When Selling Your home

Selling a home, your home in particular can be difficult. After all it is not just a house, it is a home, your home, the home that you raised your family in. It may be a house to others who come to see it, they may not see it as the home your son took his first step in, the home your daughter got married in or the home your family has so many happy memories in. As hard as this may be to accept, you will do better selling your home when you make the home more neutral. The house has to go from the home your family lives in and enjoys, to the home that the new potential owners can see as their home, filled with the memories that they will be making. When leaving the house, the home your family grew up in, you get to take all those memories and just leave behind the empty shell.

Step 1

  • Staging. When selling a home you will want to make it look its absolute best. Staging the house with great furnishing and accessories will go a long way towards having those who come to look at the home seeing the homes potential. Those who do this for a living know what to put together for the best looks. They know what people want and will use styles that will appeal to the most people.

Step 2

  • Landscaping. You may have heard the words curb appeal, this means how your home looks when someone pulls up to it. This is important when you are selling a home, your front yard and walkway should look as nice as possible. If you have to spend some money on flowers, grass seed or anything else to make it attractive, do so. It is worth it. After all, you can not sell your home to someone who never stops in to look at it. If your house does not attract the buyers to come in and they just drive by, you are missing out on people who may have loved the inside and made an offer.

Step 3

  • Put personal pictures and items away. Your home is most likely filled with family photos. While these are wonderful to look at and they hold great memories, they are not so great when you are selling the house. While living in the home, your photos absolutely belong on the walls, mantles and tables, however, when prospective home buyers enter, should be hidden away. The reason for this is that, the people coming into the home seeing your photos will have a hard time imagining, replacing them with their own. Your pictures make the home your home, you want these people to think of the home as their home.


Hosting an open house is a good way to get many prospects into the house on the same day. Advertise and of course put signs out in front, you may attract some people who just happened to drive by.

If you decide not to use staging, remember to get rid of any clutter. You want the house to look open, airy and clean. Do a thorough cleaning a couple of days before the open house.

Rent a storage space for pictures, paperwork, nick knacks, and some of your furniture. When showing a house, less is more. Any items that detract from the beauty of the home, your better off without. Look at everything with an impartial eye. If you cannot do that, ask a friend of relative you trust to help.

Remember that the home your moving into will have all your old memories as well as many new ones.


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