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Amazing Ideas For More Storage Home

Published at 02/04/2012 02:43:00


We all could use a little more storage home in certain places. This is due to the fact that almost everyone purchases more items than they could possibly find room for. Then the storage within the home is not sufficient for the amount of items that are brought into the household. That is when it becomes necessary to come up with more areas to keep the excess items.

Step 1

The Island

One way to open storage home in the kitchen is to add an island. Kitchen islands can add a lot of space to an otherwise cramped kitchen area. The kitchen islands can be purchased at any store which sells storage home items. This includes large home improvement stores as well as department stores. The kitchen islands can be found in a variety of colors and made from materials such as wood and metal. Home owners are sure to find an item that works for their home with all the choices that are available. 

Step 2

Under the Stairs

A staircase can be found in any home with multiple floors. But the area under the stairs in often unused square footage that can be utilized as storage home. But you can add cabinets or shelving to this space in order to add additional storage home. These items can be built in to the part of the house in order to create a useful area where additional items can be stored.

Step 3

Going Up

Some homes have high, vaulted ceilings. Instead of having this large area which most often remains unused in the home, you can add cabinets to create storage home in this area. Cabinetry can be relatively easy to install. Most of the time just a few screws are required to affix these items to the wall. Adding tall cabinets that fill up these high ceilings will allow home owners to add storage to rooms with little to no storage home as it is. This gives more space for items in the house.

Step 4

Use the Attic

The attic space in a home often goes unused. However, this space can be utilized for more home storage. You may need to add floors to the attic to properly use this space. This can be done by purchasing large pieces of plywood to nail to the joists. Once the plywood is down you can begin to access this space for storage purposes. Make sure to use plastic bins to store items in the attic opposed to boxes to remove the possibility of attracting pests.


Storage bins can be purchased at many department stores. These can also add storage space to a home which lacks cabinets for storage.

There are space saving bags which allow home owners to add storage. You can place a lot of items in these bags and then vacuum all the air out. This gives you a way to store clothing without needing all the space that they normally occupy. 

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