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10 Amazing Tips For Jobs Work Home


Employers are increasingly discovering ways to allow the workforce to complete tasks and jobs work home. This is a benefit for the company who does not want to pay for equipment, building leases and utilities expenses. However, the burdens of performing jobs work home don't disappear when people work at home. Instead, the employee may have more responsibility than he or she has ever had while working in a brick and mortar facility. A worker may suddenly be responsible for buying a computer system and other office equipment that can mimic the workplace in an office corporate building. Using that office equipment for jobs work home in combination with other household appliances can increase electric utility bills. Most importantly, the worker may become less productive while working at home alone, which affects both him and the company. If jobs work home employees follow a few simple, but amazing tips, they can have greater success making the transition.


Step 1

Use a digital calendar and weekly planner so that you don't forget or fall behind in your productivity. The best planners synchronize with your computer, mobile phone, as well as other coworkers. For example, you can give your boss access to your planner via the Internet, so that he or she can check your progress and allay concerns about your productivity levels while doing jobs work home.

Step 2

Make your jobs work home office chair ergonomic without breaking the bank. Instead of purchasing a fancy $500 office chair, purchase individual components that can make a cheaper chair just as ergonomic. Seat cushions and lumbar supports are available at any local or online office supply store.


Step 3

Use your cell phone as an Internet connection. Many work at home workers must have a cell phone to verbally communicate with while performing jobs work home. However, workers may also pay for separate Internet service, which is an added expense. In some cases, it is cheaper to get a voice and Internet plan through your cell provider, and cut off cable broadband or DSL service.

Step 4

Set up your office for jobs work home in a separate room from the rest of your household. It's preferable to use a spare bedroom as a home office, but you might also consider converting a section of the garage, basement or a closet into a home office. This will help you focus on work.

Step 5

Set up online and external storage systems to protect your digital work while performing jobs work home. For example, if your job is to write lengthy and in-depth news articles for a newspaper while working at home, you should back up your work in a location that is separate from your PC, in case it malfunctions or breaks down.

Step 6

Keep in constant contact through instant messenger programs with the office and other work-at-home colleagues while performing jobs work home. First and foremost, this maintains a sense of teamwork even though you are not in person. Secondly, you can get instant answers to questions from your boss and colleagues.


Step 7

Begin an exercise regimen or other form of physical activity while performing jobs work home. In the office place, people are used to getting up and walking around to use to a single printer or copy machine. At home that stuff is literally in arm's reach. You don't want to become out of shape from working at home.

Step 8

Meet other coworkers at your home or for happy hour to preserve a sense of friendship. Plan to meet for brunch or lunch to talk about personal or business matters related to jobs work home.

Step 9

Read and watch the news so that you are aware of world around you. Most workplaces have water coolers and break rooms where people gather to talk about politics, society and other non-work related subjects. Reading blogs help you maintain a sense that you are in the loop while performing jobs work home.


Step 10

Join social networking sites, such as Facebook and LinkedIn. Ask other people in your office to get online and connect to your profile. This helps maintain relationships with colleagues even though you are performing jobs work home.

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By Adri Buckminster, published at 02/08/2012
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