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How To Get Your Home Back

Published at 02/07/2012 18:17:37


If you're in danger of losing your home or have already lost it, you might still have some options left to get your home back. There are actually schemes that let you get the advantage from the very beginning, although most will require you to talk to the right parties and agencies to sufficiently pay for the structure. It's important to consider the available services carefully and ask for advice from the right agencies so you can have your home back.

Step 1

Get information. The first rule is to get all the information you can regarding getting your home back. You can talk to agents or representatives to discuss your options, although the group usually does not provide loans to previous clients. You might be referred to other helpful agencies to get your home back.

You can also approach experienced housing advisors and counselors who can review the personal financial plan and assess your current situation concerning getting your home back. Search the internet for discussion groups and forums where you can learn about credit and housing counselors that will guide you through the process and options. Some of these sources are available for free, but counselors usually charge for their services.

Step 2

Get refinancing. If your home has already been taken from you, you can have the option of buying it back. Your problem now is getting the money to do it. You can find a number of refinancing agencies that specializes in foreclosures and housing. You can share your situation and let them assess your credibility. In some cases, you will be required to put up a collateral or personal guarantee, such as your car or other material assets. It's hard to get the full amount for refinancing considering your current status but at least it will help you get started on the home back repayment.

Step 3

Take out loans. Approach private lenders, friends or family who might be able to lend you some money to help purchase and get your home back. Banks are almost impossible to approach with your situation so it's better to use your own resources. Set up a repayment scheme for the people you're borrowing from which includes a small interest rate paid every month or year. Also try to sell off items or give these out as collateral to the parties you're borrowing from.


If you are in danger of foreclosure and wish to save or get your home back, you might be qualified for a short sale or deed-in-lieu of foreclosure. This is a program that provides the agency a guarantee that you will be able to pay for the mortgage at a later date. You have to gather all your financial assets and start looking for friendly methods of loaning to afford the amount at the expected time. You might also like to try a deed-for-lease program or a rent program wherein you put up your house for rent or lease so that the new tenants will be responsible for paying off the due mortgages in exchange for rent. This is a good option for those who still have limited funds and badly want their home back.

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