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Great Advice For Chicago Home

Published at 02/08/2012 20:38:21


Looking for the right Chicago Home can be quite debilitating. The whole process can get pretty intimidating especially for first time home-hunters. They would surely have a number of questions and concerns that they would like to be addressed. However, this activity should not be too daunting if they just get their advice from the experts. If they know what they should do, then the task of finding the perfect Chicago Home should not be difficult at all. Below is a list of home buying tips that have already been proven and tested.

Step 1

1. The first important thing that home-shoppers should do is to get a pre-approval for their Chicago Home dream house. This is when a lender will assess their credit and financial standing to see if they are stable and able to pay for their Chicago Home. Getting a loan pre-approval will ensure homeowners a specific loan amount and will provide them a detailed information on how much they will be paying every month. They should also have a clear idea on how much they can spend on their house payments because only then, can they discuss their options with the lender.

Step 2

2. The key to living in one’s dream house is finding the right lender. Homeowners should always remember that quality comes first before quantity. Do not compromise a high interest rate for bad service and unreasonable fees. The thing is there are many different types of loans out there. What’s ideal for a home-shopper will depend on his or her current financial situation. So the best thing that they can do is to talk to as many lenders as they can. They should shop around and not settle with the first one that they find. They can also ask their Chicago Home realtor, family and friends for recommendations.

Step 3

3. As a responsible homeowner, they should make it a habit to check their credit report. Their credit report is very influential to the approval of their Chicago Home loan application. Plus, bad credit reports will send a negative message to the lender. But they should not worry as there are several major credit bureaus, such as Trans Union and Equifax that can assist homeowners in checking their report.

Step 4

4. Finding the right agent is equally important as getting a loan pre-approval for their Chicago Home. They can only have their dream house if they have someone who understands and is working for their interests at heart. Their agent should help them get what they want at a great bargain price, not the other way around. Homeowners should definitely avoid agents who are more concern of selling them a house than a home. After all, it is stated in the law that a real estate agent should act in his or her buyer’s interests.


One thing that they should look for in their agent is objectivity to the pros and cons of the property. And this is all because homeowners only deserve to live in the Chicago Home that’s built for them.