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Sure, a vacation is fun, but getting to the plane from bus is a big inconvenience to a lot of travelers, especially when you have many luggage with you and are traveling with children or even infants. However, there are times when this cannot be avoided such as planes that are too small for a tube to be attached or the airport being renovated and you have to take leave from bus to catch your place. Another instance is when you are living far and have no car and there is no choice but to take the bus to the airport. Whatever the reasons for taking the plane from bus, it shouldn’t be so hard to do and there are ways to reduce or even avoid the stress and hassle.

Step 1

The best tip is to limit your hand carried luggage if you are getting from bus to your plane. If you have kids with you, don’t take more than 1 carry on as you need a free hand to tug your kids or push the stroller. Go for a travel bag that you can sling on your shoulders leaving your hands free for the kids, especially when you are traveling alone.

Step 2

Check in the maximum of luggage that you can and carry only the minimum inside the airplane especially when you are leaving from bus to the plane. If you really have to have a carry on luggage, get a small one that you can drag such as a bag with wheels and handle and straps for carrying. Make sure that the bag is airline compliant in terms of size and weight. Some airlines do not allow more than 7 to 10 kilos of carry on luggage.

Step 3

In cases where you are unaware that you are leaving from bus to the plane, ask for assistance from the airlines. Go to the counter and ask someone from the airport or the airlines to help you with your stuff whether it’s to carry the stroller while you bring your young kids.

Step 4

If you are a handicapped or an elderly person, ask someone to help you get from bus to the plane especially if it’s to climb or go down stairs. Wheel chairs are difficult to navigate on stairs and you certainly cannot climb on them while boarding the plane.

Step 5

Ask if there are chair lifts available that can be used by elderly or handicapped passengers. Who knows, there might be such types of facilities already in the airports of embarkation? Then, you don’t have to stress yourself out from bus to the plane. There are also special elevators that can only be accessed by airport or airline personnel. Thus, telling the staff that you need assistance will avoid surprises and ensure that you get from bus to the plane on time.


Make note of special or extraordinary situations when you reserve your tickets so that the airline company is informed in advance whether you need extra assistance because you are handicapped, elderly, or a mother traveling with many young kids and infants.

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