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Stop Fighting in Bus


The world has become so competitive and everyone is in hurry to complete his or her task first. They try to be the first in everything so that one has to suffer less and should not have any kind of problem while doing anything. One forgets that every person ash something to do and none of the people are idle in these days but still people want to have their task to be done first and could be free earlier without suffering any kind of delay and problem. It is not possible that if people are standing in queue and the last person could make the bill payment on first number, but still people use to fight and irritate other by passing comments and having arguments with other that are making him late but in reality that is the one who is irritating and annoying every other person but it is human nature which could be changed that they try to remove their stress by doing irritating actions and by annoying other. There are few people still in the world who know how to overcome anger and avoid people but some irritating people are in this world as well.

People used to have arguments with each other on seats and try to have the seat in bus with making other to leave it. There are so many cases going in bus stop and some harsh incidents have been also happened in bus. It is better for the people to resolve the problem instead of creating issues in bus. Many people in different areas are unknown to each other and have argument on the way of living and while having conversation they may start fighting in bus. When person have to cover large journey with another person these cases are commonly found in bus and also on the bus station that people are stressed out and confused that they do not know what to do and the only solution they found in such case is having arguments and fighting with the department or people in bus.

Awareness is necessary for the people to have about the manners and discipline, to how to deal with other people and how to talk with anyone else. In bus different people are sitting having different nature and belonging to different areas, having different culture and tradition that makes them different from each other. If anyone is interested to know about his or her area should ask politely and if found that the other one is not interested in telling you about it then one should not irritate him or her again and should some another activity to pass the journey enjoying.


Some people have argument with other on their sitting style, some have argument, and issues with the person sitting next to them and some people are not comfortable in the certain seat. There are many issues but one should always select a polite and requesting method to persuade other for making him attention toward your problem instead of having fight in bus.

By Mariah John, published at 03/12/2012
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Stop Fighting in Bus. 4 of 5 based on 11 votes.