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London Bus Development And Design


Every individual living in a town, state or country needs access to some sort of transport vehicle whether it is a car, bike, cycle or even a bus. This world is too huge for people to walk from one place to another on foot, moreover, in such a fast paced world, time is money. It is very important for people to reach on time at their required destinations. London is another busy city in the world. It is the commercial hub of the European States. London is also known as the city of lights. That means it is alive all day and night so there is a rush of people all around, all around the clock. People of London resort to many transport facilities but most of the public resort to the London bus services.


In earlier times before the industrial revolution the medium of transport was very simple. In medieval times animals were used as a mode of transport. Passengers, traders etc., used to travel from place to place on horses or camels. Whole caravans used to shift from one place to another carrying all their goods and possessions with them. Then after some advancement elegant and exquisite horse carts were made. These were usually used by the rich nobles or the royal family. Then with developments in industries and creation of metal and body parts transport vehicles like cycles, trains etc., came into being. As development progressed people began to use better forms of transport as they were faster. The London Bus was then used by the general masses as well.

Considering the example of London the royal family of London used to travel in traditional horse carts as an expression of royalty. However, mostly the common man either uses cars, bikes or the London bus.


The London Bus is one of the busiest bus services of the world. It has one of the largest networks of London buses around the world. The London Bus is traditionally red in colour. They are usually double Decker buses with two floors for passengers to be seated in. The London Bus carries more than six million passengers every week. There are almost 7,500 London buses.

Passengers usually resort to the London Bus because it is very convenient. It covers a large network all around London and the passengers don’t have to worry about changing buses to reach their respective destination. Moreover, London is considered to be an expensive city where all the things are very expensive. Therefore, the public looks for any way to save up on some money and transport is the best option because the fairs of the London Buses are very affordable by the common man. Moreover, a person doesn’t have to go through the hassle of driving themselves to reach a particular destination. And its also eco friendly as so many people use the bus service less vehicles move on the roads and that leads to less pollution.

Tips and comments

London Bus is an excellent option for people who are concerned about the environment as when more people use one transport vehicle that leads to less air pollution. Moreover, the cheap fares are also convenient for the people to use the bus service and they are also wavered off from paying for the fuel or gas to run their car.

By Anushay Q., published at 03/17/2012
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