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Riding buses has always been fun for me ever since i was young, though some might disagree with me, but i always preferred to ride bus other than any mode of transport, and to mention the buses, greyhound bus have always been my favourite, the leaping logo of greyhound bus always fascinated me. The sweet and thrilling sound of the engine, viewing the scenery out the window, chit chat of people around, some laughing, some reading novels, everyone busy in their own work and yet enjoying the ride are some of the attractions that made me a fan of the buses. No, doubt that buses have been a vital mode of transport, they are quick and cheap and have wide scope of destinations since, not every city can have airport or railway station.


Greyhound bus has been serving thousands of commuters across the United States, Canada and Mexico, with about 3,700 destination spots all over these three countries. With 13,000 daily departures from North America and providing safe journey to approx 25 million passengers since 1914. Greyhound has indeed become the landmark of providing quality services to their customers. They have number of subsidiaries namely: Valley Transit Company, Crucero USA and Americanos USA.


Greyhound bus company has excelled in providing the most outstanding bus services, they provide number of services for their customers. Recently they introduced luxury buses, another accolade in their already renowned fleets of buses. These buses have advanced safety precautions with three point safety seat belts, Also, their new ‘latch’ system makes sure that your child is properly safely locked in the bus, just like you do in your own car. They have added extra leg spacing, removing five seats from each row, giving you more legroom ever before. These new buses are fitted with wifi facilities and plug in facilities, so connecting to internet for sending an email to your boss or worrying about low cell phone batteries is not an issue anymore now. Apart from, this greyhound buses have top notch buses, excellent trained and courteous drivers in the whole region. They also give you additional services like priority boarding, with priority boarding, you can book your own seat wherever you want in the bus and you won't even have to worry about waiting in the line for boarding in the bus, with priority boarding all you have to do is to pay extra $5, you get to select your own seat and you'll be the first one to board in the bus! Greyhound also gives special discounts to friends and family, to children, to students, military personnel including retired, senior citizens discount and veteran discount. If you travel regularly with greyhound, you also get discounts, companion pass and even free tickets.

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There is no doubt that greyhound bus service is indeed the best bus service, they not only provide excellent transportation facilities but caring for their customers is also their main aim. From safe journeys to strict punctuality, greyhound bus company is all about making your journeys remarkable and worth travelling again.

By Amara, published at 03/31/2012
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Riding Bus Greyhound. 4 of 5 based on 11 votes.