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What Is the Chartered Standard

Published at 03/17/2012 21:59:58


Standard Chartered PLC is multinationalfinancial company located in London, United Kingdom. It is also performing its services in more than seventy countries. It is managing a network of over 1,700 branches and outlets and almost 80,000 people are employed under this organization. It is a universal bank and performing operations in consumer, corporate and institutional banking. Name of the bank Standard Chartered comes from the Chartered Bank of India, Australia and China, and The Standard Bank of British South Africa these two separate banks which were merged in 1969 now are keeping a single identity as a one bank named standard chartered.


Standard Chartered prefers nothing more than that of their customers because the place they attain in market is due to their people. They say that they work not only for profit but they prefer to attain every opportunity to help people of their community in their work. Over 150 year Standard Chartered is in a commitment of long lasting relationship with their customers in offering benefits to the communities. Customers can get the demo of the services provided by this bank, by having a look at the research videos and activities they perform with Liverpool FC and much more. Standard Chartered is also sponsoring currently Liverpool Football Club, of the English Premier League. In 2000, Standard Chartered got Grind lays Bank from ANZ Bank, due to the increase in its presence in private banking. By adopting and living their core values they create exceptional values for their clients, investors and staff through market leadership in order to provide new and innovative services to their customers. It is also expanding its financial services in India and Pakistan now days for increasing its financial services in comparatively poor countries as well.


The base of Standard charted business strategy is to minimize the risk associated with business marketing and consistently working hard to meet the needs of its customers. It also provides lease financing facility for the accomplishment of industrial and infrastructure related projects. Furthermore, for the growth of small and medium level industry in Pakistan, Standard Chartered has been working very hard and in front of all others in order to provide lease facilities to small and medium enterprises companies to raise their status in society.

Tips and comments

Standard Chartered always diversifies from others and stands up in front of all to help in achieving for what their customers think is right. They work on the basis of calculated risks and accept accountability on basis of it. Organizational environment in Standard Chartered is to work together as one team all over the organization to provide best benefits to their customers. This together working makes the pattern of strong partnership among workers that gives a great outcome. It is also considered as one of the most trustworthy organization in financial services that is best for their customers and for the reputation of organization itself. They deliver services according to the promises and work hard to raise their standards. It is reliable, honest and open for all customers.