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Charter Net - Top 5 Tips

Published at 02/08/2012 21:33:12

Introduction to charter net

Today there are various companies that are providing the internet services to people. Many cable operators and internet providers are present now days. But there are only few providers that have truly made the industry dwell well. Charter communications is one such company that has made the use of internet and cables very easy. The charter communications is the leading company of American that provides cable televisions, telephone services and high-speed internet.

Step 1

There are more than 4.7 million people that are using the services provided by charter communications. There are 25 states where this company is functioning. This is also the fourth leading cable operator company of United States.

Step 2

Charter net is a newly developed website by charter communications. This is a newly formed website that is offering much quality information to the people. There are lots of people that are now using charter net for getting the local news and other related information.

Step 3

History of charter communications:

The establishment of charter communication was done is the year 1993. There was tremendous success rate this company did in first 5 years of start. The company was able to grow financially very strong and attained 1 million costumers till 1998. There was gradual increase in the customers yearly. In 1999, company had 3.9 million customers. In the year 2002, the growth was 6.8 million customers.

Step 4

The company has dwelled very fast. This is the one main reason for becoming the fourth largest cable service of America. The broadband technology was provided to the people by the company in year 2006. Also on March 28, 2009 the company filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. In the year 2001, PCWorld awarded the company with several fastest ISP awards. There are the recent upgrades in the internet speed to twice.

Step 5

Features of charter net:

Charter net is the website that is meant for the high-speed customers. This is the website that you can use to create free email accounts too. This is the great tool provided by charter communications to the people. Top five tips for charter net are:

1. Create e mail account - charter net is providing their customers email account from where they can access their e-mails. This is the one better feature that allows people to send and receive emails easily.
2. The use of personal assistant - charter net is loaded with personal assistant that helps you to access the contents easily. You can easily add or remove your favorite contents from the home screen. You have also Facebook connect and other social plugins, so that you can remain in touch with your friends.

Some more tips

3. Personalization – The one new tool of charter net is personalization of the website contents.
4. On demand weather – You have the online budget meter that will show the temperature and weather conditions.
5. News and games – you can also use to play online games and view latest news.

Tips for accessing charter net

Besides these five, you have option to view online TV. There are certain channels that can be accessed directly online such as HBO, Cinemax etc.