5 Things You Must Know About Charter.net
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5 Things You Must Know About Charter.net

Published at 02/01/2012 00:05:11


5 Things You Must Know About Charter.net

Charter.net is a fabulous program which has it all. From general information to quick links, it keeps on shocking users with its vast uses. It is a delight to have this collection of programs in one application. Charter.net not only caters to the ones who need information on a certain topic, it also is ideal to enjoy sitcoms, talk shows, movies and much more.


Charter.net is basically an extension of Charter Communications which is a company in the United States. It can also be termed as an amalgamation of television and Internet. It is one of the most extensive service-providing cable operations in the world after Cox Communications and Comcast. Due to its excellent performance, it has acquired more than five million users in a short period of time.


It is also quite easy to use. You just have to log in and that’s it. You’re not asked at every step to enter your credit card number or password like most of the websites now days, so in short it’s not at all fussy. You can get news updates, sports events, weather forecasts, videos of different categories and advertisements of upcoming flicks, plus you can download a complete movie by just clicking one button. You can also have an email account on Charter.net. The biggest advantage of it is that it automatically deletes spam and saves your Mac from all kinds of viruses, saving you from all kinds of hassle. This is also an ideal website for carrying out business procedures and deals. You can also pay your bills through this website. @the water coolers is a feature recently added by Charter.net. This includes the coolest and latest video games for the boys. Moreover, it provides the recent happenings of the glitz and glamour world. These are the five things one must know about it. Other than this, there are minor details which the user must know of. If you are asked to enter a password and you select the “remember me option,” then you remain logged in for 80 days continuously but you have to keep on checking your mail before the completion of 24 hours every time. For those people who keep on sitting in front of the computer screens 24/7, this is a convenience while for others it is not. Sometimes, if you want to change your password you have to go through a lot of steps and procedures which you don’t like at that time but it’s for your account’s security.

Tips and comments

If you want to see the best of this website than you must have windows 98 or 2000. It is always best to have XP. 256 MB RAM is a requirement for this link. Other requirements include flash player 10 and real player 9 or higher than this. 8.5 Shockwave and Windows Media Player 10 also help you to have a wonderful experience of Charter.net. The billing system is also quite simple. You get a bill at the end of the month, so there is not even a slight possibility of delaying the bills. Therefore, to make your lives easier, get this application as soon as possible.