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How To Get Deals on Hotels Vegas

Published at 03/03/2012 05:04:29


Many people who travel to Vegas are surprised by how easy it is to get great deals on Vegas hotels. Vegas is one travel destination that goes all out when it comes to discounts and deals to get visitors to come. One reason for this is the casinos. The big money is made in the casinos.  Vegas hotels are often in the same building as the casino.


In Las Vegas, tourism always seems to be growing. This is because the city is always looking for ways to draw more tourists to the area. Vegas hotels have a lot of competition, therefore, they often find ways to give great deals to customers. The following are some ways that have historically helped visitors find great deals.

  • Become a frequent visitor. Those who travel to Vegas often and stay in the same hotel will receive special offers to get deeply discounted rooms, sometimes they may even get a free room.
  • Visit Vegas hotel websites. From time to time there will be specials that are not advertised anywhere but on the website. Check back often as specials can and do change quickly.
  • Look in your local newspaper's travel section. Special deals on trips to various places will be advertised there. You may find one for Vegas hotels. If not, check back often, again you never know when one will appear that has a great deal that you can use.



When shopping around for hotels remember that  Vegas hotels all are a bit different from one another. Not every hotel will have the same features. Therefore, it is a good idea to be sure that the hotel you choose to stay in has the amenities that you are looking for.

Many visitors want a hotel that offers a casino, shows, dining and shopping. That is not difficult to find in Vegas. Just do your homework to be sure that the hotel you choose has what you are looking for.

Several hotels offer specials that come along with the room, such as free breakfast, dinner or show tickets. Take these extras into account when you are determining which Vegas hotels are actually offering the best deals.

Tips and comments

If price is your main consideration when booking a hotel, you may want to try a website such as When using this type of site, you do not know which hotel you will be staying in until after it is booked and paid for. This can be a bit risky if you are looking for certain features or standards. However, if you are one who is going to be out and about most of the time and just want a room to keep your clothes in and take a nap, this may be a way to save money. This money can be used to enjoy more activities on your vacation.

Reading reviews may be useful when looking for a hotel with both the best prices and the features you are looking for.


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