Hotels New Rules For Pets
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Hotels New Rules For Pets

Published at 02/01/2012 09:59:20


Hotels New Rules For Pets

Different hotels have different rules for pets. Even the pet-friendly hotels have rules and most of the hotels are quite strict about it. So if you are an animal-lover and you are travelling with your pet, be careful of hotels new and old and their policies regarding animals. Hotels have restrictions and limits but generally, even with all that fuss, hotels new and old aim to provide the best customer service and an amazing time to those who check-in, be it with or without pets. Make sure the hotels new rules are written along with the fines charged to owners who break the rules so that you can make a wise decision.


Pet owners are very much attached to their pets. They take care of their pets as they would of their own children. Pets also love their owners and provide companionship. Pet owners feel the need to take their pets with them everywhere they go and when they are supposed to leave the pet back, they worry about whether proper care is being taken of their pets or not. Humans started domesticating animals a long time ago and dogs are said to be the very first of animals to ever be domesticated. The Egyptians are famous for taming cats. Nowadays the spectrum of animals that can be kept as pets range from birds to reptiles to mammals. Children love keeping a goldfish in a bowl as their pet, while adults love dogs or cats.


You might be someone who loves to travel and doesn't want to leave your pet back home, not even with your mother or spouse. So be aware that hotels new rules regarding pets include the obvious and the ridiculous. Pet owners often times pack a little suit case especially for the pets, and it is these owners who care very much about their pet. Hotels new rules sometimes have a maximum number of pets that can be brought per customer and up to how much each pet can weigh. Hotels new and old also might be a bit picky on which animals can be brought, as some only allow dogs or cats and not pets like monkeys and pigs. Hotels new and old mostly require the pets to be kennelled all the time and do not allow pets on furniture. While some hotels want you to keep your pet on leash, other hotels have leash-free play area especially for pets. Many hotels are nice enough to provide pet food and pamper the pets just like they pamper you.

Tips and comments

Before you make a reservation in the hotel of your choice, call them up personally and let them know your pet will accompany you so that they can make any accommodations if necessary. Make sure if the hotel will require a deposit fee or charge pet owners an extra amount of money. Plan properly and know all the details so that when you actually travel it will be hassle free and if it is a relaxing vacation you're looking for to get away from your busy schedule, be even more careful before making reservations. Hotels new and old want to cater the best to their customer and if the need arises you can always make a request regarding pet care and you might just get lucky in keeping your pet with you in your room!