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Cozy Portland Hotels Oregon

Published at 04/05/2012 17:18:21


When searching for the Portland Oregon hotels, it is advisable for one to start checking using the online channels and expand the search to other reliable options like travel guides and asking people who have ever sued these means and they one gets to deal with some of the reputable and well-known Portland Oregon hotels.

Some of them are ideal for the people travelling on business while others are ideal for people who are on holiday and one needs to find the places that are ideal for them depending on the services, prices as well as the location of the place.

Hotel Monaco Portland

This is one of the cozy and trendiest Portland Oregon hotels and ideal for people who want to enjoy top of the world services, furnished rooms, and good reception from the staff. There is presence of security cameras at the parking lot, in the hotel and the corridors and one feels safe.

It is not located at the city center but it is very easy for one to get to the city and located in a good and protected neighborhood. The high and mighty people love this place in business, and entertainment and they get to enjoy an array of different services.

Oxford Suites Portland

There are Portland Oregon hotels located near the beach, but this one gives the client the direct access to the private beach and get to enjoy the time without interruptions. It offers unlimited internet, a fully stocked restaurant with an array of dishes and drinks from all over the world, transport facilities and guided tours to view the marine parks and the historical towns.

Hotel Vintage Plaza

This is one of the few Portland Oregon hotels that still maintain the old architectural look but the inside furnishings are simply amazing. It has large sitting areas with an access to the rooftop and the balcony area. Some of the people find this as one of the affordable Portland Oregon hotels that offers a wide array of services. One gets the chance to get guided tours, internet connection, and relaxation center, access to the bar and pool table and the swimming pool.

Clarion Hotel Portland

Of the few Portland Oregon hotels, located near the airport, and good for the people who prefer to stay at the airport and at the same time find, it easy to tour the different parts of the city and access to the beach. It is easier for the people who are on travel and at the same time ideal for people who are on business. It has a business center, internet connection and at the same time has a gym and swimming pool, which is rare to find with many Portland Oregon hotels located at the airport.

Embassy Suites Portland

Many Portland Oregon hotels offer great services but so far, this is one of the facilities that offers some of the best services at affordable prices. The place is simply amazing with great furnishing, large and clean rooms, good service from the staff, and to crown it all access to the pool and sauna easily. It is good for the business class and the people on holiday and get to enjoy the facilities of the hotel.