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The busy city of London has one of the best hotels where people from across the world come and stay. These hotels are the top rated hotels of not only London but the entire world. Because of the fact that they are top rated, they have many features that are really good and attract people to come and stay here at these hotels. London hotels are really beautiful and they might not have any comparison. But these London hotels also charge a lot of money for a short time period.


Sometimes when you are just feeling lazy and you are tired of the daily tough routine, you can go and enjoy your stay at one of the exclusive London Hotels. These hotels treat you like loyalty and even just one night stay is enough for you to relieve all your stress.


London hotels are no doubt the best place to enjoy your vacation at and even to go for a weekend to let go of your tension and stress that might be building up during the week. The top rated hotels of London include the Milestone hotel, the Ritz hotel London, the Central Park hotel, the Park hotel guest house and many more. The Park Hotel guest house is a place mainly designed for the tourists who come from different countries or maybe different cities. The guesthouse charges a huge amount of money from you and provides you with the best facilities. The other five-star hotel is Anetheaum which is a really expensive yet satisfying and luxurious hotel. It has the best suites which are designed differently for individuals and differently for couples. These hotels are designed and decorated in the most elegant way. Other five star hotels include the Westbury Mayfair, Langham, and Baglioni London. These five star hotels get business delegates, delegates from other countries and many political bodies staying here almost every day. These hotels have the most beautiful lounges, gardens and halls. They have buffets four to five times a day. These hotels provide you with breakfast, lunch, tea and dinner in buffet and a huge number of dishes are served during the buffet. The buffet charges you per head and the cost is really high. The hotel services also provide you with ice creams Sundays that are served at different hours in a day. The hotel also provides you with a swimming pool facility where you can swim at specific times. After the swimming hours are over you are provided with a steam room service where you can go and dry yourself. You are also given the services of different kinds of massages. These massages are given to you by licensed masseuse and it is said that the kind of massage they give you here, you might not find it elsewhere. In these hotels you are also provided with the facilities of spas. These spas have the best treatments and the best beauticians who treat you here. You are given the best manicure and pedicure and the best facials which are of different kinds. The cost of these spas is also very high but if you take a package of the hotel then you are charged much less. The cost is then included in the cost of your stay. Apart from the spas, the hotels also have theme parks and even the cost of these parks is really high. You are charged per person here. Staying in these hotels is really tempting and luxurious but the costs are high. The only way a person who’s on a budget can afford these hotel stays is through packages that are provided by the hotels.

Tips and comments

When you are selecting which London hotels to go stay in, there are a few things that you need to keep in your mind. You must always see which hotels best provide you with facilities and better services and you can do that by visiting the websites of these hotels and then you must also compare the costs of staying.

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the Highest Rated London Hotels. 4 of 5 based on 10 votes.