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the Best Motels & Hotels in Pheonix, Arizona


Phoenix is the capital city of the US state, Arizona. It is the largest city in Arizona. It is located in the Sonorant Desert and is the gateway to the Grand Canyon. Its location in the Sonorant Desert explains its subtropical desert climate and the fact that it is near the Grand Canyon explains the reason why it attracts tourists. There are many motels & hotels in the city Phoenix, which are well known for their comfort and elitism. Few best motels & hotels are located in downtown Phoenix and near the Sky Harbor Airport. Some of these hotels include the Sheraton Phoenix downtown hotel and Royal Palms Hotel and Spa. Whereas, some fine motels include Motel 6 and E-Z 8 Motel.


The motels & hotels mentioned above have been attracting tourists from all over the world. The hotel Sheraton was built, conveniently, in the centre of the city. It has been drawing guests from out of the Phoenix city as well as from within the city itself. Same is the case with the Royal Palms Hotel and many others. Royal Palms Hotel was built in 1929 at the base of Camelback Mountain and was remodeled in 1997; it managed to attract many guests because of its enchanting architecture. The motels, on the other hand, were built near the Sky Harbor Airport and they have been catching the attention of guests due to their relaxing aspect and affordable prices.


The motels & hotels in Phoenix have distinguishing features which make them attractive to the population. Sheraton Phoenix downtown hotel is considered the best hotel in Phoenix due to its location and its exquisite features. It has been rated four on five. It is a 31-storey building and has about 1000 rooms in total. It serves as a business hotel and a leisure hotel both as its facilities include banquets and meetings, business center, a meeting space, disabled access, fine dining on site, fine dining nearby, fitness center and an outdoor pool. The Royal Palms Hotel and Spa serves as both hotel and a spa. It is considered as one of the best hotels in Phoenix due to its architecture and its location. It has 116 rooms in total and it is rated five on five. The facilities offered include banquets & meetings, business center, disabled access, executive retreat, fine dining on site, fine dining nearby, fitness center, high speed internet, outdoor pool and spa. The motels in Phoenix are very popular as well because of the affordable prices. Motel 6 is a well-known motel which offers features such as free morning coffee, clean comfortable rooms, and Wi-Fi available in all rooms for a nominal fee. Its check-in age is 18 years and older. Additional features include nearness to the airport, outdoor pool, public transportation and free local calls. The E-Z 8 Motel, located near Sky Harbor Airport offers features such as nearness to airport, outdoor pool and hot tub, meeting and conference space, complimentary coffee, game room, high speed internet access and on-site laundry facility.

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Motels & hotels in Phoenix provide you with many luxuries and allow you to have a great time. Staying over in Phoenix, whether in the comfortable and affordable motels or exquisite and luxurious hotels, is definitely worth it.

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the Best Motels & Hotels in Pheonix, Arizona. 4 of 5 based on 10 votes.