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New York Hotels That Offer Free Breakfasts


New York also known as the Big Apple attracts thousands of tourists each year. Recession or no recession the number of tourists that visits New York is constantly rising and due to this Hotel industry has been able to maintain strong economic footings. Most of the tourists stay in hotels and New York hotels are known for their hospitality and services like free breakfast and free laundry. These services keep the competition alive and also it is good for the business. Spending less and enjoying more is always on the minds of tourists and getting free breakfasts helps them a lot. New York hotels try there level best to facilitate these tourists and make their visit a memorable one.


With monuments like the Statue of Liberty, Brooklyn Bridge and the United Nations headquarter in New York; tourists’ invading the city was always on the cards. Now New York is one of the most famous tourist destinations in United States of America and this led to development of hotels in New York. Now hotel business is one of the most successful industries of the city, hotels are playing a major role in the economy of New York. Charging less and offering more was the secret of success and New York hotels were no different. To offer more to the customers and attract more guests, hotels launched a unique idea of introducing free breakfast. Now a number of hotels based in New York like Hotel Belleclaire, Hampton Inn, Hotel Stanford, Best Convention Center Hotel, Holiday Inn and Milburn Hotel offer free breakfast. These are some of the expensive hotels but the facility is available in majority of low price hotels too.


A tourist in New York has a number of places to visit and the best way is to start early morning. For that a check in is required at a hotel. New York hotels known for the comfort and facilities they provide are the perfect choice to stay especially those that offer free breakfast. In hotel industry bed and breakfast generates the maximum revenue and by dropping the breakfast fee hotels in New York are able to set an unmatched precedent. The advantage of staying in a hotel that offers free breakfast is important if you are tight on budget, shopaholic or want to prolong your stay. In short it is a service that is beneficial to everyone. Finding a hotel in New York that offers free breakfast is like finding a red shirt in blue sweaters. Some of the names are also mentioned above.

Tips and comments

The free breakfast gives the liberty to purchase some extra souvenirs for friends and family or spend something extra on leisure activities. Spending a night in New York followed by a free breakfast is like having coffee with a cake. This pleasure can be experienced at New York hotels that offer the free breakfast facility. When in New York and looking for a hotel, always look for the one that offers free breakfast facility. If the hotel is offering free breakfast it should be the number one choice to stay, if not there are a lot of hotels in New York waiting to serve you. Select a hotel that offers free breakfast, save some money, spend it on your trip and other fun activities and enjoy your stay to the maximum.

By Maryam Cheema, published at 02/06/2012
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