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What is about a historic hotel that attracts the traveler/tourist? Maybe it’s the years old romance and mystery embedded in their walls, all those events they witnessed and experienced. Historic hotels are no fair weather friends. They have seen all weathers and in most cases are depictions of the limit a human being can go to if he wants to build something since most of these start out very small. Let’s take a look at which California hotels managed to make the list of mentionable historic California hotels.


Let’s start with the luxury which is being promised by the Hotel del Coronado. Nestled in San Diego and built in 1888 the “Del” is one of the finest luxury beach resorts in America and the world as declared by the media. The Travel Channel honored it by declaring it the number one wedding destination in the country. The place is legendary, a symbol of modern luxury plus a fairytale castle that wears a crown for all California hotels to witness. The Mission Inn Hotel, now the Mission Inn Hotel & Spa first opened in 1876 at Riverside and occupies an entire block. It is an integrated amalgamation of gardens, arcaded domes and turrets, spiraling staircases and flying buttresses, carillon towers and catacombs. Then there’s the Four Diamond Grande Colonial; situated on the seaside village of La Jolla that is “jewel of the Pacific”. It has the setting of a private boutique hotel with classic European styling, just a block away from spectacular beaches world class galleries, museums and well known restaurants.


The historic and luxurious Santa Maria Inn is a tranquil retreat. Shaded by palm trees and surrounded by rose gardens and the gentle sound of water gushing from a nearby antique fountain. There is a sitting room featuring period furnishings and historical photographs, a swimming pool and a heated spa. The Handlery Hotels chain originated from San Diego in 1928 as a small scale hotel and has spread to about 26 locations. Run by the fourth generation of this family this place is luxurious and contemporary now but over the same historic skeleton that makes it prominent amongst California hotels. The Hotel La Rose, located at the historic Railroad Square built in 1906 is centrally located to Sonoma County’s wineries, the Pacific coastline and Redwood forests. The guest rooms have brass and marble baths, some with whirlpool tubs even! The carriage rooms look out into the beautiful rose gardens and fountain.

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Then there’s the Murphys Historic Hotel, which too is centrally located amongst art galleries and wineries and is considered a historic landmark amongst California hotels. There is also Fort Baker, stretching across 45 acres, designed in Colonial revival style and gives a statement of green living and sustainable luxury. Wawona Hotel is a New England style lodging that has had many renditions since the 1860s. This is the ideal place to go unwind since it is secluded and peaceful. All of the above are like luxurious pages out of history books.

By Maryam Cheema, published at 02/06/2012
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