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Vacations allow one to relax and enjoy the wonders of nature or the company of friends and family. But what if you are staying in a hotel during your vacations, and suddenly you decide that you wish to stay a little longer? What if you wish to have a prolonged stay at a hotel simply because you have more vacations? The solution to all these queries is offered by the extended hotels that exist around the globe helping you to stay a little longer at the place of your dreams. Because of extended hotels, many of us are saved from cutting our trip short rather than continuing to experience the time of our lives at our vacations’ destination.

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In ancient times, a hotel was a place where one could stay temporarily. At that time, normal or extended hotels offered lesser facilities to their guests. These facilities ranged from a small room to the availability of three meals a day during one’s stay at the hotel. But now extended hotels have improved dramatically. The facilities provided by the hotels today are not only extensive and wide ranged, but also luxurious. From spas, swimming pools, and fitness gyms to en-suite bathrooms, every possible facility and luxury is placed at your disposal during your stay at a hotel. Also, the quality and variety of food has improved over the years. Now you can enjoy your time more peacefully at a hotel than at anywhere else in the world. Moreover, if you are inclined towards increasing your stay at a hotel during your vacations, then extended hotels are present around the globe that can come to your aid.

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There are many extended hotels that allow you to have a prolonged stay. Amongst these is the Rodd Royalty Hotel and Resort. One of the Rodd Royalty hotels is present in the Canadian city of Charlottetown. This hotel is surely in a league of its own. If you are a businessman and wish to have an extended stay then this place is genuinely the place you have been looking for. Also, if you are a traveler and simply have a knack of exploring different places of the world then lodging in this hotel is the best idea for you. This hotel offers uniquely designed rooms (for example, its sunken living room!) that come along with a built-in kitchen and dining room.

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Hence, it is like living in your own home! Furthermore, this place offers an indoor pool and waterslides to enhance your vacations and travel experience. Also, this place is at a close proximity from the island’s shopping and commercial area. So whenever you feel like going for shopping you can simply take a walk and reach the shopping area within minutes. Another Rodd Royalty hotel is present in Moncton, located in Westmorland County, New Brunswick, Canada. The same facilities are offered here as in the aforementioned hotel.


Extended hotels have enabled us to experience the joy of long vacations. Also, the life of a businessman has become a lot easier because of these hotels, since they are not only relatively economical than renting a house but they also provide one with amazing services and facilities.

By Sidra Rana, published at 02/01/2012
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