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The Top 10 Atlanta Hotels


Atlanta is the leading tourist destinations not only for Americans but also for foreigners. It was the most visited city in 2010 with over 35 million visitors per year. There is an abundance of Atlanta hotels and you will not have an issue looking for a good hotel if you choose to spend your vacation there. The weather is humid, subtropical with hot summers and cooler summers. The temperature in January is slightly cool, however, temperatures in summers can reach up to 38 C. The place sees abundant rainfall while spring and autumn are one of the most dry seasons. This makes it an ideal tourist spot. The most visited place here is the Georgia Aquarium which is at the Pemberton place, other tourist spots are art venues, museums, historical sites and parks.


Because of the civil war, half of the Atlanta was burnt destroying most of the historic architecture. Atlanta never planned to rebuild its historical avenues but preferred being a modern state due to which visitors might notice recent architectural buildings. One such building is the tallest skyscraper, the bank of America plaza which is the 52nd tallest building in the world and the 9th tallest building in United States. However, this depleted the historic buildings and Atlanta failed to preserve them. Therefore you will not find many old buildings there. It can be said that if Atlanta would have preserved those historic sites the tourism must have been much more than it is today as it has a rich history. Despite this, Atlanta receives some major tourist traffic so start looking for good Atlanta hotels if you plan to visit Atlanta.


If you are looking for good Atlanta hotels then The Mansion on Peachtree, a rosewood hotel is a good hotel and is ranked #1 in Atlanta. Apart from this is the number 2 hotel of Atlanta, the Wingate by Wyndham Atlanta and will cost you around $141 to $200 per night. Moving further, the Sheraton Atlanta is the number 3 hotel in Atlanta and will cost you $91 to $161 per night along with hotel Holiday Inn costing you around $97 to $133. The St. Regis Atlanta hotel is ranked 5th among the Atlanta hotels and is a recipient of the traveler’s choice winner. Other top hotels include Georgia Tech Hotel, Ellis Hotel, Country Inn, Ritz Carlton and Four Seasons which provide you with a promising stay. All of these hotels offer lots of luxury with affordability. They are expensive but with all inclusive packages and other deals, they become quite affordable for most people. Atlanta hotels have made it possible for people all around the world to make their vacations luxurious yet within the budget.

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As Atlanta has a lot of trees, it is known as the city in a forest. All this makes it an ideal tourist spot, however, before visiting a new place, the first step is to find a good hotel to say in. As Atlanta is the leading tourist destination, it has a good number of hotels. It is your task to find a good one for yourself which offers not only the basic necessities but also other facilities such as spas and facilities for kids so that each and every member of the family enjoys his vacation. Atlanta hotels provide it all because it is not only the tourist destination but also the hotel which adds together to provide you with a pleasant stay.

By Amara, published at 01/26/2012
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