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The Top 5 Austin Hotels For Family Vacations


Austin is the fourth largest city in Texas, its residents are known as austinites and it has an arid climate. Its summers are known for the humid winds blowing from the Gulf of Mexico and have mild winters. Rainfall is a lot during the fall season and the spring season mostly faces severe thunderstorms. Tornadoes rarely occur. The temperature during the months of July and August increases to up to 32.2 C. Winters are dry and Austin receives an ice storm every two years which freezes the roads and brings the city to a halt, completely paralyzing it. Due to this the tourism suffers and the Austin hotels business suffers losses because it is difficult to visit these Austin hotels.


For tourists, the Austin museums can be a good place to start off with, museums such as the Texas memorial museum, Blanton museum of art, Bob Bullock Texas state history museums are good places for site seeing. The Texas state capital is also a tourist attraction. Apart from these Austin residents also support the sports programs taking place in the University of Texas, Longhorns because the city does not have a major sports league. The geographical conditions also favor bicyclists and the temperature also favors this, therefore, a lot of sport races are held there. Austin, thus, is a good place for a visit. It has luxurious Austin hotels.


Austin is a place for business because it has a high scope for entrepreneurship. This means there is a lot of influx of businessmen due to which the hotels must be good. The city is highly populated and has a huge number of hotels. Therefore choosing one is quite a difficult task. One of the best Austin hotels is the Four Seasons hotel which has a beautiful garden which emits tranquility. This hotel is knwon for its entertainment factor. Apart from this, W Austin hotel is a good option too which is very luxurious and has a contemporary feel to it. Then, Hotel saint Cecilia is another good option which is located in a secluded estate. The rooms are excellently furnished and the services are also exquisite. Barton creek resort and spa is another luxurious hotel which offers you beautiful scenery. Last but not the least, the Driskill hotel is a beautiful hotel which was built in 1886. This can be a good choice because of its amazing architecture and the quaint feel to it.

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Theater is something to watch out for when visiting Texas as there are numerous life performances by famous theater actors. The city hosts fuse box festival every April for theatre artists. Austin is also famous for ballet and has the fourth largest ballet academy in the country. Every year a twenty member team performs on various songs. There are a lot of standup comedy shows held throughout the week. Austin also holds the Austin film festival each year which plays movies from different genres from all around the world. May be you also get a chance to visit one of these festivals so start looking for good Austin hotels if you are planning to stay there.

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