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Discover Great Deals For York Hotels

Published at 01/31/2012 23:53:55


York is a very popular place and has a lot of tourists due to its history. Therefore, there are quite a lot of places to stay when making a choice. There are expensive and luxurious York hotels as well as very inexpensive and average York hotels. In fact, there are quite a few cheap York hotels where a person with a very low budget can stay. If you are looking for a quiet place and also a place which has a good deal to offer, one of the places to stay would be around the minster. It might be a little far away from the town Centre, but the peaceful environment would make you proud of your choice.


Discover Great Deals For York Hotels

This city is accredited to the Romans, who laid the foundation of this city to have a throttlehold of Great Britain. Later it was taken over and ruled by the Anglo-Saxon kings, and after that it was handed over to the Vikings. As a result, this city has a lot of history, political and cultural heritage and value. The city is a reflection of its several rulers and their identities can be seen in the city. That’s why it is considered to be a very interesting and intriguing place to visit. The city's heart is in the Shambles, which has buildings from centuries ago that are kept in their original state to preserve their heritage.


There are quite a few York hotels that might appeal to you. Therefore, the choice will be tough. Let’s start of with the York hotels that are rated highly by tourists. One of them is the Hilton York Hotel, which has four stars and is reasonable at 59.67 pounds onwards. Then there are hotels such as the Holiday Inn Express York which has a three star rating and is also lesser than the rates of the Hilton and it is situated about 2.5 miles from the York-city Centre. Even the York Minster is near this hotel. It is a pretty good deal for visitors with a low budget. Then there are places such as the Marriot York, which has a four star rating but is quiet expensive compared to the other York hotels mentioned earlier. But this hotel has a very beautiful location and scenic views. It is situated overlooking the famous York racecourse, which is a big attraction for visitors. Therefore if you can afford an expensive York hotel, this is your hotel.

Tips and comments

Before booking any of these hotels, it would be best to read reviews about them online and also consult your travel agent for better rates and deals. Also look up the attractions in York online and read reviews and the ‘must see’ things in York that you must not miss. This will also help you make a good decision about the York hotels you want to stay in. It would also be advisable to ask people or friends who have already gone before you, to recommend what they liked or enjoyed most, as you might share similar tastes and the viewers online might not have the same views or preferences as you.