Extended Stay Hotels in Paris, France
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Extended Stay Hotels in Paris, France

Published at 02/01/2012 03:40:20


Extended Stay Hotels in Paris, France

Those who love traveling around the globe know where the core lies and the crux for many where they will lose their heart indeed is Paris. Famously known as the city of lights which invites people from different cultures to come and fall in love, to live, to explore, to revitalize and to experience beauty. It’s a dream for many and a reality for few. The city can awaken the romanticist in you, so could it be worth missing?


Paris is the capital of France which has a rich history and gives holidaymakers an experience of a multilingual and multicultural society. Its existence can be dated way back approximately around the fourth millennium BC when it comes to seeing the history of the Paris region. A fishing village was located then around the Seine river which is modern-day, Paris however due to the strategic position of the region it was ruled differently. The city has been ruled by the Romans, English, Russians and Austrians who have each left behind traces that make up what Paris is today.


Hotels in Paris can’t be better than the Plaza Athenee hotel which has a rating of 4.5 and is among the best in the area. It provides holidaymakers with a comfortable and a classy experience altogether. It has a reputation for providing quality and a high standard of customer care and services. It has many amenities to keep holidaymakers fully indulged such as fitness clubs for the fitness conscious and art facilities for the artists with other luxury outlets for the stressed such as spas and steam rooms.

Hotels will also give you access to the various attractions of Paris which include Luxembourg Gardens, which are of the same version as London’s Hyde Park. It has a mini theatre which entertains puppet shows, boating and strolling for the young couples.

Another stay hotel for holidaymakers is the Ritz hotel, which is globally recognized for its first class experience along with the factor that it is economical. It is located in a place where it gives you access to jewelry shops, fashion boutiques and Opera House. It is the metropolis for fashion and style and the best place to come to for all fashionistas. Royal Hotel Paris is an experience too since it is situated in the centre and has within reach many attractions such as cinemas, leisurely shops and much more. It has rooms that cater to your comport and at the same time are stylistic and posh.

Tips and comments

Hotels are very expensive in Paris so when you are going for a vacation make sure that you can manage to rent an apartment, as it will surely cost you less, but make sure you have done your research before paying a visit. If you are trying to save, then eating homemade food is going to be much more beneficial since a meal in their restaurants can incur you a cost of many dollars. If you can manage to consider all these options, an extended stay hotel will be much more convenient for you. Holidaymakers should definitely visit the Eiffel Tower, Parisien Museum and Saint Lauren Museum for the fashion freaks. The city will leave you breathless.