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Save Money on Park Hotels

Published at 02/04/2012 22:26:07


The Park hotels is a chain of five star luxury hotels in India. The founder of the Park hotels is Apeejy Surrendra Paul. The main cities name of India in which the Park hotels are situated, Kalkata the Headquarter of the Park hotels other are Bangalore, Chennai, Navi Mumbai, New Delhi and Viskhapatnam.

Step 1

The first hotel of 150 rooms was started in 1967 at Kalkata, after that Delhi Park built in 1987. The founder of the Park hotels Surrendra Paul had died in 1990, after death his daughter Priya Paul had carried on his mission. She was succeeded in 2000, when another hotel was completed in Bangalore.

The Chennai Park was completed in 2002.The Chennai Park was designed by a Italian chef Antronio Carluccio. Due to its design the Park hotel Chennai name was listed in an archaeological survey in 2006.

Step 2

In 2010 the Park hotel had become one of the Indian most expensive top 10 restaurants.


To save money there are so many packages has been introduced, like the membership package. There are two types of membership packages, which are as follows in detail.

1- Room membership

This package relief you an early check in and late check out, along with other attractive privileges.

2- Dinning membership

This package gives you 50 % discount to every member at each time. You also dine with a guest. The detail is for membership at a nominal charges and it is annually renewable.


There are sufficient space for 500 people for different events, like marriages, meetings, parties, fashion events etc., everything are there in service which are needed you.

3-Long stay package

The long stay package is also available for business purpose.



You can enjoy also complimentary breakfast during the stay in Park hotels.


There are seven types of rooms in the Kolkata park hotel, detail is as follows.


2-Delux rooms

3-Luxury rooms

4-Luxury premium rooms

5-Presidential suites

6-Deluxe room suites

7-Bridal special rooms

There is very romantic cafe/bar with pool, live music also. The specialty of the restaurant is jewels. There is trendy bite is available every time. Complimentary entertainment packages like, massage, internet connection, games, indoor games scrabble, books and DVD library etc. are also available.


This hotel is urban beach resort full of natural beauty of Bengal. There is out door location, in other word this is a form of relaxation. Visakhapatnam Park is situated with 66 rooms.


The Chennai Park has 214 rooms, and rooms point of view, this is the largest hotel in the chain.


The Hyderabad Park has enough space for guests. It has also seven types of rooms.

1-Trillion rooms

2-Signature rooms

3-Osmania rooms

4-Verandah rooms

5-Luxury rooms

6-Lake rooms

7-The residence

There is arrangement of B.B.Q. in the Hyderabad park, in which you can served yourself, but this offer is only once a week on Wednesday.