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The Cheapest Motels And Hotels

Published at 02/05/2012 18:34:20



Motel is a short form for the Motor Hotels. It is also known as cottage, auto-camp and tourist-cabin. Motel is a sort of a hotel but not as big and as luxury as a hotel may be but has all the facilities that may be useful for the tourists. Motels are basically introduced for the tourists and therefore many motels have a parking space as well to facilitate the tourist so that they can park their cars and other vehicles at a safer place.


Origin of Motels:

There used to be auto-camps instead of motels few years back. The auto-camps were designed to facilitate the travelers and were designed for the individual tourist and each camp was supposed to be reserved for a single tourist. Then the concept of motels came into existence which gradually gained fame and recognition over auto-camps. Nowadays there are quite a lot of freeways, motels and hotels that have taken place of the auto-camps.



Hotels can be considered as the lodges for the tourists and travelers to stay for a shorter period of time. Hotels are usually more luxurious and bigger in volume as compared with the motels that are small apartments just to facilitate the travelers for a night or so. Hotel comprises of a bedroom, a bathroom or an attached kitchen and drawing room as well depending upon the type of the hotel. Hotels are the paid apartments that provide services for as much time as you want to stay there. There are many different types of hotels; these types are categorized into these types depending upon their structure and the services that they provide. Some common types of the hotels are as follows:

Resort hotels

Resort hotels are the type of hotels that are used for relaxation and to attract the travelers and the visitors for holidays.

Historic hotels

Historic hotels contain luxury facilities for the travelers and a great customer services.

Cheapest motels and hotels

The main thing about which every traveler is considered about is to look for the cheapest motels and hotels. The each day rent of motels and hotels particularly depends upon the location they are located at, the trend most of the travelers like to follow and the season of vacations. The rates are comparatively low in the off-seasons when the number of tourist is quite less. On the other hand the rates are quite high in the holidays; this is the season of the motels and hotels.

Tips and comments

There are quite a lot of motels and hotels all around the globe. Motels and hotels are considered to be cheap if they fall in the range that a tourist can afford so cheap means different for different segment of people. Some of the cheapest motels and hotels, that provide quite cheap rates and quite nice deals and offers for the travelers, are as follows:

  • Darlington Hotel in Chicago
  • Bellwood Hotel in Chicago
  • Ogden House Motel in Las Vegas
  • Econo Lodge in Las Vegas
  • Central Park Hotel in New York
  • Camden Resident Hotel in New York
  • Anand Motel in Los Angeles
  • Cinema Motel in Los Angeles.
  • Green Tortoise Hotel in San Francisco