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The Top 5 Honolulu Hotels For Family Vacations


Honolulu is the capital of the U.S state of Hawaii and the name refers to the urban area of the capital. The name generally means shelter bay, the weather is tropical but the city gets to see rain only during the winter season. There is sunshine most of the year and the temperatures are as high as 27 to 32 Centigrade and can be as low as 19 to 24 Centigrade. The weather remains as mentioned all year round; however, it is rare that the temperature rises from more than 32 Centigrade. Honolulu is set on the island of Oahu. It is well-known tourists spot; because of which there are amazing Honolulu hotels throughout the city that are always in demand, therefore, book Honolulu hotels for yourself now.


The most famous tourist spot in Honolulu is Waikiki beach, the area is surrounded by white sandy beaches and luxurious hotels, people choose to come here because it is an amazing place for swimmers, sunbathers, surfers and others. If you are a beginner there are also schools available there for beginners. If you visit Waikiki beach you will notice that it is a very peaceful beach which means those who love to watch the sunrise and sunset have the perfect opportunity to watch the scenic and picturesque view. If you are interested in watching an extent volcanic crater than hanuma bay in eastern Honolulu is a good place to do so, as the crater is extinct it is open to the sea and is filled with coral reefs. If you are planning for a swim than this is not a good place to do so because the water is calm and is not a good place for surfing however if you enjoy snorkeling, that is a better option, because the water is clear and is abundant in marine life. You can simply enjoy a good sunbathe if you do not know how to swim. Another good place in Honolulu is the Halona beach cove. It is a rocky cove and is good for surfing and swimming but you should go on your own risk because there are no lifeguards available. Therefore, start looking for Honolulu hotels right away.


Following are mentioned the top 5 hotels of Honolulu these are; the first being halekulani hotel which is ranked as the number one hotel because of its splendid service and spacious accommodation, it is located on the Waikiki beach and each guest here is treated as family. Next is the kahala hotel and resort which is a good option especially if you are a family with kids because the hotel as a special dolphin lagoon for the family to experience. Apart from these recreational activities the hotel also has spacious rooms. Royal Hawaiian is the next hotel which is chosen mostly by tourists and surfers. If you have children then it is a good place because it has a special area which has sandy beaches therefore kids can enjoy the area too. Honolulu renew is another hotel which has the scenic view of the grand beaches and the rooms are very spacious and luxurious. Last but not the least the aqua coconut Waikiki hotel is a wonderful place if you are planning a family vacation. Therefore choose any of the above stated Honolulu hotels.

Tips and comments

As stated above Honolulu hotels are known to be beautiful and luxurious. Due to this the influx of tourists increases each year. You have a lot of choices when choosing a hotel in Honolulu as there are huge resorts available which are alongside the coastline and they offers all sorts of facilities. The area has entertaining nightlife therefore if you are a party animal then choosing this place for vacation can be a good idea for you.

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The Top 5 Honolulu Hotels For Family Vacations. 4 of 5 based on 10 votes.