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The Best Rates For Dubai Hotels


Dubai is a well-known tourist destination mainly because of its excellent shopping, extravagant malls and delicious foods. People choose to visit Dubai because it is like a global city, meaning it has people from all around the world, which in turn means that there is nothing you cannot find in Dubai. The place is known for its amazing food; however, apart from the entertainment factor it is also a business hub and is the most important part of the government strategy because it maintains the flow of foreign cash as Dubai’s major income is through tourism. It attracts tourists with the help of shopping incentives such as the modern shopping malls and boutiques by designers from all around the world. The Duty free shop located at the Dubai airport also offers amazing accessories to the passengers; it has everything one can ask for. Dubai is also known for cheap electronics, these electronics have much cheaper rates than other countries. It also has luxurious hotels such as the Burj al Arab which is one of the tallest structures in the world and is made under water. It is not only a hotel but because of its beautiful and modern architecture people have turned it into a tourist attraction and why not, since the structure is worth a watch and you will miss the essence of Dubai if you fail to visit the burj al Arab hotel. It is one of the most beautiful 7 star Dubai hotels however it is equally expensive therefore you will have to choose from any of the other equally popular Dubai hotels.


Dubai has a very hot and arid climate with the summers being very hot, windy and dry. The temperature rises up to around 42 C and lowers in the night to around 29 C. During winters the normal temperature is 23 C and during the nights it lower down to 14 C. During the last few years rainfall has increased more than usual. However, Dubai is very humid and it becomes quite uncomfortable for people but since everything around the city, especially the Dubai hotels, is centrally air conditioned, people generally do not feel the heat.


As there is a daily influx of tourists to the shopping capital of the Middle East, there are numerous hotels in Dubai designed for them. The Atlantis hotel is located at the palm Jumeriah and is one of the most expensive hotels in the world. Apart from this is the Al Bustan Rotana Hotel which is located in the al Garhoud, then the Burj Al Arab which is located in the Jumeriah Beach Road and is one of the most expensive Dubai hotels.

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These are some Dubai hotels which are known as one of the best hotels and will provide you with a luxurious stay which you will remember all your life. Dubai is not only a shopper’s paradise but if you plan to relax yourself it can be the best place because it has so many places to visit.

By Amara, published at 01/27/2012
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