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How To Search For Florida Hotels


Florida is a popular vacation destination for many couples and families. There are a variety of attractions and events designed to entertain visitors of all ages. If you plan to visit Florida for a trip or vacation, you will need to find lodging. There are a variety of Florida hotels in the area and each one offers different rates, services, and amenities. It is important to shop around and compare several different Florida hotels before choosing the one you will book for your stay.

Step 1

Visit your local travel agency and request a hotel and lodging book or a book that lists the restaurants, hotels and attractions in the Florida area. Since Florida is a large state and offers a wide variety of tourist attractions, the books may be divided into sections. Decide which part of Florida you plan to visit and choose the travel books that are appropriate for that area. Look through the book to find a list of Florida hotels. Call each one to ask about the room size, amenities, location and rates. Compare several Florida hotels to find the one that offers the best rates and works best for your family.

Talk with the staff at the travel agency and inform them where in Florida you are traveling. Ask if they are aware of any good Florida hotels that offer the rates or amenities you are looking for. You can also ask if they have any coupons or vacation packages that could help you save money on your trip. Travel agents are experienced with the most popular hotels and can tell you which ones are good and which ones are bad. They will also be able to help you find the hotel that offer the services, room size and amenities you need.


Step 2

Use a hotel deal finding website such as Expedia or Travelocity. These sites allow you to find a Florida hotel room and various types of travel packages that include airfare and car rentals. Choose the dates for your reservations and the area where you want to find lodging. Choose the number of people and the attractions you want to be near. A list of hotels will be shown. You can sort the list by price, popularity or location. Click on the name of each hotel to read more about it and the types of rooms and amenities offered. When you have found the hotel you want to book, click on the "Make Reservations" button. Enter your payment information and follow the on-screen prompts to finish making the reservations for your Florida hotel.


Step 3

Check the websites of attractions in the area you want to visit. Many attractions in Florida such as Disney World or Universal Studios offer hotel information on their websites. They not only list the Florida hotels that are closest to the attractions, but also which ones have available hotel and ticket packages. You can also choose additional activities to add to your hotel package such as restaurant coupons and other nearby attractions.


Book Florida hotels at the last minute to take advantage of good deals and cheap prices.


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