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Published at 02/02/2012 22:00:12


Florida is one of the USA’s most populated states and the beautiful city of Miami is located in southeastern Florida. Miami is an important city; it is a major center and a leader in finance, culture, media, entertainment and international trade. The perfect tropical weather makes this city perfect for year-round outdoors activities. The city has a large number of marinas, bays, canals and important industry in Miami, along with business and finance, conventions, festivals which bring a large number of visitors annually into the city, from all across the USA and from all over the world. Here are some of the finest and most luxurious hotels Miami has to offer.

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In order to find the best and exotic hotels Miami has we have to take into consideration a series of factors like luxury, comfort and service. Among one of the most exotic hotels Miami has is the Loews Hotel. Located in the heart of Miami Beach’s history Art Deco District, the Loews Hotel is a jewel that represents best the South Beach’s rebirth. Combining all of the fascinating elements of Art Deco style: cubism, futurism and modernism along with the magnificence of the Persian and Egyptian style the beauty of this hotel is incredible. It is a place where you can relax and enjoy while examining the exquisite architecture.

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Another thing that is worth mentioning is that Miami is very well known for its tourism and there are many luxurious hotels Miami. The Traymore Hotel is another exquisite hotel located in Miami, opened in 2009; this hotel is a spa-centric hotel and offers classes and therapies, including detox programs, acupuncture and day personal training. This is one of the best hotels Miami has to offer for relaxation and welfare. A well known place for its service is the Tides, this hotel from South Beach is very impressive and it’s very well known for its sophistication and service. Miami is probably the greatest region for fun and relaxation and the architects sure did a great job when designing the most impressive hotels Miami has. If you want to visit Miami one of the best choices you have is to go to Mondrian South Beach, which is the work of art of the designer Marcel Wanders, who described his own work as the castle of the Sleeping Beauty and which is one of the most luxuriant hotels Miami could have.

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Having an air of calm and tranquility around the pool and its gardens, where we can find very comfy cabanas and hammocks, the Mondrian hotel has the power to relax you completely, making you feel like you never want to leave that place. If you like luxury and art for enhancing your spirit, the greatest hotels Miami boasts, this city will make you feel like a king. Being one of the worlds most luxurious and glamorous cities Miami has some of the world’s finest nightclubs, buildings and beaches. It doesn’t matter if you are on a business trip or a romantic getaway, let South Beach Luxury Hotels Miami find the perfect accommodations and give you the treatment you truly deserve. You will never regret going to such a luxurious and magical place. Chances are you will fall in love with this city.


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