Francisco Hotels -Vacation Tips
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Francisco Hotels -Vacation Tips

Published at 02/02/2012 23:33:20


Francisco Hotels -Vacation Tips

For people who want to escape their monotonous weathers and routines, San Francisco offers the Francisco hotels. This offers ample opportunity to savor foggy weather, steep hills and a picturesque view of the islands. San Francisco might have suffered from a devastating earthquake in 1906 and it may have a unique geography, but nevertheless the city has a large infrastructure for hotels making it the top ten North American destination for conventions. Francisco Hotels offer its visitors world class quality and a luxurious experience.

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It would not be wrong to say that tourism serves as the backbone of the economy in San Francisco. Also, according to an acclaimed source it has been ranked 33rd out of the 100 most visited cities worldwide. San Francisco received attention of people following the gold rush of California. As people came, development advanced in San Francisco. Similarly to cater to human aesthetics the hotel industry thrived. The place also has a lot of influential people visiting because of the booming IT industry in the Silicon Valley. The city for this particular reason offers the second highest quality of life and this feature has not eluded the Francisco Hotels.

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One of the most prominent hotels among Francisco Hotels is the Palace Hotel, which was first built in 1875 and then rebuilt in 1909. It is located in the southwest area of the city. The hotel has a unique history as it was built by William Chapman Ralston, who after the collapsing of his bank drowned himself in the San Francisco Bay. It is said that he built this hotel with the help of his dwindling banking empire. After being sold to the Sheraton Hotels, the Palace hotel came to be known as the Sheraton Palace Hotel. With 755 rooms the hotel can accommodate a large number of people with great ease. Another peculiar feature of the hotel is the skylit open center of the building featuring a Grand Court. The Gold Court and the white balconies combine to give such a splendid effect that the Gold Court looks like an elegant carriage entrance.

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Next up is the International Hotel, commonly known as the I-Hotel. The hotel was built in 1907. The International Hotel has a peculiarity among Francisco hotels as it is home to the Asian settlers of the city. It is located in the Manilatown section of San Francisco. Another distinguished name among Francisco Hotels is the Mark Hopkins Hotel which is situated at the top of Nob Hill in San Francisco. This hotel stands out amongst other Francisco Hotels as Mark Hopkins; one of the founders of the Central Pacific Hotel constructed this hotel as a token of his love for his wife, Mary. The Hotel contains a significant piece of California history the nine seven foot high panels painted by Maynard Dixon and Frank Von Sloun. It is also rated AAA Four-Diamond and has won the Gold-Key award.


Francisco Hotels -Vacation Tips

Other than these, the Union Square offers hotels with amazing cheap rates which start from almost $130 such as the Hotel Nikko. Union Square has many prestigious hotels such as the Hotel Rex, Hotel Triton, Hotel Union Square and Hotel Vertigo. There is another Club Quarters which adds to the prestige of the Financial District. In San Francisco not only the day is meant to be enjoyed but the night time also offers a terrific time. A long walk with a loved one in any of the Francisco Hotels can help create memories that can be savored and cherished forever.

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