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The Top 5 Boston Hotels


With a warm welcome in the best Boston hotels, we surprise you with much more than just a living facility. Being the oldest city of the United States, it is a fine display of its world famous cultural history, fine sports and educational institutes; it offers a thriving and vibrant lifestyle to every vacationer that comes here. Loaded with unlimited opportunities for you to enjoy the finest of luxury in these Boston hotels, five of the top most hotels here have been shortlisted in our list to suggest you with nothing but the best. So stop thinking anymore and start packing as we give an insight on the best of the best!


As the largest city in the whole of Massachusetts, the city was founded on the Shawmut Peninsula by the Puritan colonists of England in 1630. In the late 18th century, Boston became a major destination as a part of the American Revolution. Several wars and conflicts occurred in Boston during this time but as the United States gained its independence, it also gave a safer home to the land of Boston to survive. With its ideal location, the location became one of the major ports of the US in the history, which as a result gained the attention of unlimited tourists from all round the globe. As a progressive city, the idea of Boston hotels and luxury resorts was brought forward to give a home to all these tourists while they are on their trip here.


When looking for the best Boston hotels in the area, you may come across the following hotels while you are on your trip. These highly extravagant hotels that top the list include: Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts, Ritz Carlton Boston Hotel, Hotel Common Wealth, Boston Harbor Hotel and The Lenox Hotel. Clustered with facilities like bars, discos, spas, parlors, restaurants, cinemas, pools, Jacuzzis, tennis and basketball courts, late night coffer shops, shopping areas along with unlimited room services like pick and drop laundry, efficient cleaning, dry cleaning, order in and much more that you can possibly think of under one roof. Other luxury hotels like: XV Beacon, The Black bay Hotel, Boston Marriott Copley Place and The Westin Copley Place Boston among many others also holds a great spot for the niche market as they offer greatness to you as well but in their own ways.

Tips and comments

With these top luxury Boston hotels, you can easily get access to them while you are on your trip here. If you wish to save up some extra cash, you can also book yourself a suite, room or an apartment here in advance. Moreover, you can also find great deals and packages widely on the interest that you can easily avail in order to get yourselves a spot here. You can also check for online reviews and comments for a better look of the hotel before finalizing it and consult it from your travel agent too. After all of this work is done, start packing and get on your flight now to get the best experience of your life in these hotels today!

By Amara, published at 01/31/2012
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The Top 5 Boston Hotels. 4 of 5 based on 10 votes.