The Top 3 Florence Hotels
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The Top 3 Florence Hotels

Published at 02/01/2012 23:39:11


The Top 3 Florence Hotels

If you are planning a vacation that is worth experiencing and that leaves your heart throbbing until much later because of its exquisite beauty and world class experience, then Florence is the place for you. The stay here isn’t just any ordinary luxury experience; it totally, wholly and completely involves you, enchants you and captivates your mind. It is one of the best and top rated tourist destinations around the globe with so much to offer to holidaymakers that a short visit isn’t sufficient to unveil and explore the hypnotizing effect of the city.


The Top 3 Florence Hotels

Florence is a city in Italy which is the provincial capital of Tuscany. It is rich in cultural and architectural history because it is the metropolis of the Italian Renaissance. According to UNESCO, 60 percent of the world’s art is in Italy and half of it is in Florence, which has abundances of churches, art galleries that preserve the renaissance period and other buildings from the Renaissance phase. It has contributed so much to the world that it is known as the Athens of Italy and it’s a reminder of Venice and Rome. Florence isn’t an active city when it comes to night life, however it has a few bars where you can relax and unwind at night. Florence has an assortment of hotels for the tourists to choose from. Among the eminent are Hotel Montebello Splendid, Relais Senta Croche and Villa la Vedetta Florence, Italy.


Florence hotels such as the Hotel Montebello Splendid are reputed for their classic style and the Florentine charm of the remarkable city. The historic hotel has a Tuscany-style lanai with gardens and open spaces in the front. It has about 60 rooms but each has been decorated with a different style. The rooms are decorated with parquetry floors, marble, soft carpeting and rich furnishing for the aristocrats. Montebello Florence hotels has a cuisine which offers Tuscan specialties and a much wider menu which can satisfy a variety of taste buds. It provides activities such as hot air ballooning, dining, jogging, running, shopping, tennis courts etc.

Our second Florence hotels with a fairly good reputation is Relais Santa Croche which is a blend of modern and the bygone era and is one of the most refined places for living. It has a highly professional staff that caters to all your needs as if it is their utmost priority. It is the best place to come to for those seeking private intimacy. It offers you amenities such as theatres, museums, business centers, shopping, jogging and running. Florence hotels Villa la Vedetta is 5 star luxury hotel with neo-renaissance style and a position facing Piazzale Michelangelo a few steps from Ponte Vecchio with a beautiful view of the city. It has a three star restaurant inside it which was once prized a Michelin star in 2004. It caters you with a luxurious out of the world experience never heard of before.

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Florence hotels have so much to offer and each of them is unique in its own special way. It is highly suggested that you visit the best attractions of Italy interact learn about the culture that is actually learning and grooming being a part of this beautiful experience.