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Tall buildings, beautiful beaches, dark blue waters. This is what you will see if you book yourself for a holiday at one of the many hotels available at Myrtle Beach. “Hotels Myrtle” is a phrase that conjures images of beaches lining the seashore. The thinking behind this phrase, Hotels Myrtle, was to show that there aren't just a few hotels in the Myrtle Beach area but rather to show that Myrtle Beach is all about hotels. That is the reason that the phrase first has the word “hotel” and then is followed by “Myrtle.” The emphasis is on the many splendid hotels available to the tourist. Hotels Myrtle is a phrase you will find written in many places around the Myrtle Beach area.


Myrtle Beach is located on the beautiful and warm water coast of South Carolina. Some of the benefits to visitors is that the Myrtle Beach restaurants allow children to eat for free! We all know that money is on people’s mind especially since the recession started. Myrtle Beach is an excellent alternative to other more expensive and popular destinations such as Cancun and the Maldives. Palmetto Shores is an excellent hotel with three towers and is part of the Hotels Myrtle campaign. Palmetto Shores is located as the name suggests right on the beach and is an oceanfront luxury hotel. Another outstanding place to stay is the Sea Crest Oceanfront Resort which has recently been magnificently renovated. Sea Crest is also a Hotels Myrtle member and offers much more than just a simple hotel. The Sea Crest Oceanfront Resort offers free WiFi Internet in all rooms which you will be sure to use when you want to upload photos of all the fun you are having onto facebook.


There are many deals being offered by hotels in the Hotels Myrtle program such as a Valentine’s Day Weekend Specials. A very easy and simple way to save money on your next vacation is to book early. Hotels in the Myrtle Beach area offer up to a 35 percent discount on early bookings for 2012. The Myrtle Beach area has a lot more to offer than just relaxation on the beach. There is a very active nightlife with hundreds of bars, restaurants and nightclubs. For families on vacation, an excellent attraction away from the beach is the SkyWheel Myrtle Beach which features a SkyWheel which takes you 200 feet up. This is a great way to have a look at the city from above.

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If you like to go fishing then there are several companies which offer you the chance to try your luck such as Super Voyager Deep Sea Fishing. There are also dolphin cruises which will take you out into the ocean to show you wild dolphins in their natural habitat. So there definitely lots to and thanks to the Hotels Myrtle campaign you can easily find an affordable hotel to lodge in while you enjoy the beach and other attractions of Myrtle Beach.

By Sultan Khan, published at 02/01/2012
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The Best Hotels Myrtle Beach. 4 of 5 based on 10 votes.