Get the Best Deals For New York City Hotels
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Get the Best Deals For New York City Hotels

Published at 02/07/2012 16:58:43


Get the Best Deals For New York City Hotels

The Mecca of Modern Culture, New York City is without any doubt the most famous city of the World. The Greatest American City on the East Coast, it is home to some of the finest sky scrapers, world famous Times Square, and timeless Statue of Liberty among other popular cultural symbols. And if you are planning to visit this Metropolitan Heaven, we can tell you about some amazing deals for New York City Hotels. These deals are for everyone, without any focus on a particular social class. Most of the New York City Hotels have a whole range of different types of rooms to accommodate people with their specific needs and requirements. Even though New York City does not offer any exclusive geographical features to the visitors, but tourists vie to see the skyline of New York City which has redefined the concept of horizon.

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We would recommend you to avoid all deals available over the net for cheap New York City hotels, because such cheap hotels can create many problems for the visitors. They are always far from the main New York City; you don't get any special deals or any complimentary services by staying there; they are always far from the airport; in most cases they are in unfriendly neighbourhoods; and none of the rooms they provide are habitable

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The average price range for reasonable New York City Hotels is from $150 to $299 per night. Keep in mind that these are the lowest priced rooms available with different hotels, there is no limit to the higher end of room prices. Some of the Hotels which are less pricey are: Chelsea Savoy Hotel ($155 a room per night including a bath, cable TV, and a Continental breakfast), Colonial House Inn ($130 a room per night including open rooftop patio and internet kiosks), Cosmopolitan hotel ($199 a room including cable TV and separate bathrooms, and located in the central city), and The GEM Hotel Soho ($149 a room including free Wifi, an iPod docking station, and coffee-makers within rooms).

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You can also go for something more luxurious among the New York city hotels. The most famous ones are: Casablanca Hotel in Times Square ($234 per night, includes DVD player, Free High Speed internet, Free Bottled Water, and Complimentary refreshments), The Hampton Inn Times Square North ($242 per night, includes Premium TV Channels, Windows Open, Video Game Console, Electronic Checkout and Keys), Distrikt Hotel New York City near Broadway Theatres ($204 per night, includes HD TVs, In-room safes), and Hilton Garden Inn Times Square ($229, includes HD TVs, Gamin Console, Iron and Ironing Board). New York City Hotels also provide car rental options (for a fee), and also a pick and drop service to the airport.


Get the Best Deals For New York City Hotels

To save money, plan your trip for weekdays, as prices for the week days are lesser than for weekends in New York City hotels. Before making a reservation, do make sure to check the weather forecast, as you would like to have sunny days to get the most out of your trip. Don't forget to make a check-list of things that you have planned to see in New York, because sometimes the grandeur of this amazing city makes you forget simplest of things.

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