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How To Find Cheap France Paris Hotels

Published at 02/08/2012 18:26:17


When tourists plan a vacation to Paris, it's important that they start looking for ways to save especially on accommodations. This can be accomplished by checking in affordable France Paris hotels. They might even discover that there are comfortable and clean places that allow that helps them stick to the allotted budget. They might even get discounts if they stay longer for several days depending on the season and package. Here are some tips for first time visitors.


Tourists must stay away from the famous global hotel names and go for smaller and cheaper places to stay. These kinds of France Paris hotels usually have one branch only and offer a unique and original touch for visitors. These also do not have branded restaurants, bars or shops that are usually present in the franchised structures. Tourists can pay a lot less by looking for these small and reliable places. The hotels usually do not have a website so most guests are walk-in customers.


Cheap France Paris hotels are usually found away from the city center. Hotels usually charge more if the building is conveniently located near the city center and other tourist spots and historical sites. Hotels found in remote areas can charge only half as much compared to structures that are in the middle of the action. Tourists will prefer walking or riding for a few minutes more if it means saving hundreds of dollars extra. The great thing about these sites is that tourists usually get a good view of the surrounding landscape of the city.

Tips and comments

Always ask friends and family members. Visitors must talk to friends and relatives who have also gone on a trip and ask them about the cheapest France Paris hotels in the area. Write down the contact number and other important details because these usually do not have a website. They should also ask for the usual rates and if there are special offers during certain months of the year. Visiting during peak season or the holidays might increase the usual rates.

Look for reduced amenities. Some France Paris hotels are very small in the sense that these only offer bed and breakfast. There is no fine-dining restaurant, no gym, no massage parlor, no swimming pool and no spa. Without all the extra features, the costs of staying in the France Paris hotel can go down significantly. Look for the smallest places you can find as long as these are cozy and clean. Some of these establishments are family-owned and are operated by French families who have passed down the business through generations.

Check ads regularly for special promo and discounts.Take time to read the newspaper, browse the web or look at flyers. Tourists might find promos, coupons and other limited offers that let them stay in France Paris hotels at a lower price. These hotels offering promo and dicounts often put out advertisements and special rates every once in a while so it will be wise to keep an eye out for these to avail of discounts.