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How To Find the Best Budget Kenya Hotels

Published at 02/06/2012 14:00:04


There is a wide range of Kenya hotels that can offer good accommodation to guest, these ranges from budget to 5 star hotels, lodges and even villas. There are more than 1000 licensed 3-5star hotels in this country that visitors get to choose from. Nairobi the capital centre of the country has s some of the best Kenya hotels. Other cities with comparable hotels include Mombasa and Nakuru. The best hotels that have international standards are mostly found both in Nairobi and Mombasa.

Step 1

One can break down Kenya hotels in various categories namely; town hotels, lodges,vacation hotels or country hotels. The different categories are usually ranged depending on the particular requirements of that field. Campsites and lodges are usually popular with tourists who on Kenya safaris.

Tourist high season runs from July to mid December, during this period getting good Kenya hotels can be a real challenge as most of them are already full to capacity. Nairobi has the highest number of Kenya hotels and hence its important to consider this when one is seeking for best budge hotels in Kenya.

Step 2

Most of the Nairobi hotels have high standards in accommodation and other services. One can also look out for Kenya hotels in Nairobi that offer discounted rates while not compromising on their services.

Most standard Kenya hotels in Nairobi will offer the following basic services:

  • Expert guidance and advice on your travel needs
  • Personal attention to your request
  • Assistance for your hotel reservation

Step 3

The needs of the particular client will determine the kind of accommodation they will require from the kenya hotels this may include hostels, services apartments, hotels and guest houses.

Some of the budget Kenya hotels rates per night in and around Nairobi include:

  • Elishama Greens conference and retreat centre-based in Karen, charges from $55
  • Bounty hotel-close to the Airport, charges from $58
  • Methodist guest house-city outskirts, charges from $59
  • West breeze hotel-city outskirts, price range from $59
  • Mvuli house-airport area, prices range from $84

Step 4

Mombsa is the other area with high concentration of Kenya hotels, this is due to the many attractions that are based in this coastal town. Visitors to the coastal town can engage in many refreshing activities which include snorkeling, windsurfing and diving among others.

The hotels Mombasa offers a variety of accommodation options such as villas, resorts and serviced apartments which range from budget to luxury. Many of the popular hotels are located near renowned attractions such as Fort Jesus, the Mamba village and the Marine Park.

Tips and comments

Another popular destination for visitors with a high concentration of Kenya hotels is the Mara. This is due to the popular Masai mara game reserve renowned for the wildebeest migration which takes place every year.

The Mara reserve has many lodges and hotels offering accommodation to tourists who flock there every year. One can get good accommodation at highly discounted rates at some of the Masai Mara lodges. All the Kenya hotels in the Mara should offer visitors the following basic services:

  • Travel advice on the Masai mara
  • Personal detail about your requests
  • Assistance about hotel reservations


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