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The Top 5 Historic Dublin Hotels


Looking for the best location of travel of the past? Well, do not waste anymore of your time as we give you full access of the city of Dublin with its displays of its historic background from then, up till today. With all the charming destinations, the most exciting fact about this city is that you can even get a taste of the history in these Dublin hotels as well. Most popularly known for its utter beauty setting the vast landscapes with thousands of tourists who come and visit this destination every year for their vacations, Dublin hotels grace their stay with all the fun, friendliness and the culture. So what are you waiting for now, call your travel agent now and yourselves a hotel that gives a taste of what luxury was back in the days.


The history of Dublin, like a dream come true is a portrayal of exactly what most of this city looks like today. Beginning from over a 1000 years back, Dublin has made its spot on the global map as one of most well known cities of the entire Europe. The city was officially established back in 988 AD even though traces have been found for as long as the second century of the existence of this destination. With the Norman Vikings being the first ones to settle here, a large variety of their artifacts, pieces of pottery, walls and even building have been found that are still present in the present City Center. After long years of a frightful scenario in Dublin with fights and troubles upon this territory, it slowly emerged itself as a nation, fighting back with the ruling parties and gained its independence as a free state. With the rapidly developing city, the tourism as well as the Dublin hotels also flourished to give home to the increasing number of tourists that came here every year.


When looking for the best Dublin hotels bringing you the best of its history even today, we share the following list of these fine hotels which include: Melbourne Hotel, Grafton Capital Hotel, The Merrion Hotel, Ariel House and Clontarf Castle Hotel. With these fine hotels located in the heart of the city, they offer much more than just history to their customers. Along with the finest rooms, fantastic location and a friendly staff, they also offer attached bathrooms with small luxuries like your personal Jacuzzi bath, a flat screen television screen and a well furnished area for you to feel like home. Moreover, each aspect of these hotels is taken from a piece of the city’s history capturing the best of its moments.

Tips and comments

In order to get the best of your stay in any of the Dublin hotels, you can surely choose from a large variety of hotels ranging from 2 star, 3 star, 4 star and 5 star hotels. You can also look up for great deals available over the internet that offer budgeted accommodation facilities with nice looking rooms and a bunch of facilities only under 50 Euros a night. Moreover, you can also consider reserving your hotel room or suite in advance at least 3 to 4 months before you plan your trip as this also results in saving a whole bunch of your money. With these helpful tips and suggestions exclusively for your trip, you are guaranteed a great time on your vacations to this destination that has it all.

By Amara, published at 02/07/2012
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