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The Five Most Luxurious Hotels Playa Del Carmen

ClubHotel Riu Tequilla

The ClubHotel Riu Tequilla is near to Playa del Carmen, Mexico and is surrounded by a palm tree garden. Being in the proximity of beach it is perfect for anyone who is looking forward for a great vacation with the family or with your partner. The ClubHotel provides all necessary requirements thereby providing you with the most relaxing atmosphere during the time of your stay. The resort has two swimming pools, a Jacuzzi, a gym and wellness center with varied treatments and massages. Their chain of restaurants comes with a variety of recipes. The restaurants are recognized by differentiated and sophisticated flavors by using a lot of spices and they also use different nations’ cultures and methods. The entertainment program in the hotels playa is sure to take you a different world of enjoyment. Day time is filled with different exciting games and adventures and nighttime is busy with live music and a discotheque to dance according to your own rhythm.

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Hotel Riu Palace Riveria Maya

The Riu Palace was built along the stretch of a beautiful white sand beach of Playa Car, Mexico and is near to the city center. This luxury palace hotel is tailored specifically for tourists and rooms are comfortable ones with the best views of the garden and the turquoise colour of the water. Ranging from their authentic buffets, thematic international restaurants, or live cooking they have everything that can satisfy your palate. The entertainment provided by Palace Riveria Maya is the best and for both adults and children and is available daily including night shows. Live music and discotheques are available to make your night awesome and for the golf lovers, they have one of the best courses available. The hotel also provides pools close to the ocean, a Jacuzzi, a gym, spa, solarium terrace, and a sauna for their guests that delivers absolute relaxation. Unforgettable moments in a luxury resort with the panoramic view are what Hotels Playa has to offer.

Hotel Riu Playacar

The Riu Playacar is just 3 kilometres away from Playa del Carmen, Mexico  and is a comfortable hotel surrounded by palm trees and in close proximity to the beach. The hotels best service makes your stay a pleasant one with the good weather and atmosphere of the place. The hotels Playa provides all the common amenities like a swimming pool, Jacuzzi, and sauna for the entertainment of the customers. Thematic restaurants and exotic buffets are sure to take you to a different world of taste. The hotel offers 386 rooms ranging from luxury guest rooms to junior suites. The all- inclusive system at the hotel provides such simplicity and comfort is what one can look forward to at the Hotel Riu Playacar.

Acanto Boutique Hotel

You can see the finest of accommodation in Playa de Carmen with the Acaonto Boutique hotel and it is located in the heart of the Mexico. The hotel offers private and charming 2 and 3 bedrooms and luxury condos placed in the wide stretch of sand. Being in the close proximity of the beach and with many entertainment facilities available, this hotels Playa is going to offer whatever you are looking forward to on your vacation. Getting to know the top hotels can help in finding the best deals at the best prices to give you the memories of a beautiful vacation. There are many hotels Playa to rent and where you can enjoy your stay.

By Nikky Prasad, published at 02/08/2012
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The Five Most Luxurious Hotels Playa Del Carmen. 4 of 5 based on 10 votes.